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Angel garage door repair Garage Door Repair Seattle is open 24/7 for all garage door and gate repair emergency needs. We have been in service for over 30 years, servicing all Commercial and Residential garage doors and gates in Seattle, WA. We provide FREE estimates on most of our repairs, including exclusive discounts for all of our online visitors. Our company offers a maximum 2-hr response time and is ready when you call. We are available during the weekends, including Sunday for all Garage and Gate repairs, at no additional fees! Our experienced garage door technicians are standing by to help you with any Emergency Service Repair / Installation needs!
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"Sean arrived within an hour & a half of my call. All work was compete quickly and for the exact quoted price..." - Ron Thompson

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Residential Garage Door RepairOwning or having access to a Garage is unavoidable, if you want to ensure proper safety to your automobile. To keep the your personal automobile safe from outside environmental hazards or natural calamities, such as floods, heavy storms, lengthy snowfall etc, a standard garage can play important role. And above all, to prevent automobile thieves, there is no equivalent alternative to a strongly built garage. However, to get satisfactory service from a garage, the mechanical and electronic parts, which are attached to the door of garage, must be kept fully functional and free of defects. Just like automobiles, those garage door parts and devices require regular servicing. Without regular maintenance, the possibility of remaining functional of those garage door parts gets reduced to ground level. This is why, for the sake of automobiles safety, garage owners should service their garage doors on a regular basis. The garage door repair Seattle Company, which has been operating in the field of garage door servicing for over 20 years, has come up with affordable packages of Residential garage door repair works and services. By availing any of those packages, residential garage owners can keep their garages always functional.

Commercial Garage Door RepairCommercial garages are different from the residential garages, in terms of structure and scale of operation. Commercial garages are supposed to be used heavily throughout the day by a number of vehicles. To help commercial garages survive under such high scale of usage, the manufacturers of commercial garages generally use high quality ingredients and hardware in the commercial garage doors. However, alone high quality hardware cannot ensure satisfactory performance of commercial garage doors; regular maintenance of attached parts and devices are essential for keeping garage doors as well as its hardware functional. To get high quality Commercial Garage Door Repair services at affordable price, there is no alternative to the garage door repair Seattle Company. This company enjoys great reputation among its customers.
Garage Door Spring RepairSprings are extremely essential for operation of garage doors. In every garage door, there exists generally a pair of springs. Springs are responsible for generation and supply of force that is used for lifting of garage doors. If the springs go nonfunctional, garage doors come to a stand still. To avoid complete shutdown of garage doors’ movement, garage owners should avail Garage Door Spring Repair services that is effectively delivered by the well known garage door repair Seattle Company. By hiring that company for your regular garage maintenance, you can keep the technical difficulties away from your garage door.
Garage Door Opener RepairDoor Openers are essential for smooth and balanced movement of garage doors. Inside every door opener, there exists an electric motor. That electric motor is responsible for generating force or energy additional to the force generated by springs. That additional force is essential for balancing between the two sides of garage doors during uplifting or shutting down. Whenever, door opener gets malfunctioned or out of order, imbalanced movement of doors turns inevitable. In some severe cases, defective openers cause complete shutdown of garage door operation. By hiring the garage door repair Seattle Company for servicing works, door openers can be kept free of technical difficulties. The service charge associated with superior Garage Door Opener Repair services provided by this company is unbelievably Low.
Garage Door Sensor RepairSensors are used for detection of arrival and departure of automobiles at / from garage premises. The level of automation, in garage doors, that is enjoyed by contemporary garage owners, has become possible because of the sensors. Without existence of sensors, many of the existing features of garages would not be available. Therefore, for the sake of enjoying automated service delivery, sensors must be kept functional. To prevent malfunctioning of sensors, garage door repair Seattle Company delivers effective Garage Door Sensor Repair services at a much lower cost.
Garage Door Cable RepairCables are required for keeping the garage doors hung along the structure of garage doors. If the cables get torn, the garage doors can no longer remain tied to the garage structure; in such situations, garages get vulnerable to fatal consequences. The easiest way to avoid undesired incidents is to avail quality Garage Door Cable Repair services that are delivered by garage door repair Seattle Company at a ground breaking service charge.
Garage Door Off Track RepairGarage door off tracks are most frequently observed problems in garage door setups. Off tracking are generally caused by defective rollers, torn cables or broken or rusted tracks. Because of off tracking problems, garage doors could move or shut properly. To avoid such inconvenience, garage door repair Seattle Company can deliver required repair services at affordable cost.
Garage Door Panel RepairIf you want to ensure nice appearance to your garage, then there is no alternative to getting the panels of garage doors free of scratches, dents and undesired spots, as panels form most of the frontal view of garages. The garage door repair Seattle Company has long experience in dealing with panels’ bad spots. With Garage Door Panel Repair works delivered by this company, the original / initial look of panels can be brought back.
Garage Door Rollers RepairRollers are used for making the movement of garage doors smooth and noise free. Sometimes rollers get defective; in such cases, doors may get stuck or move in an uneven manner. To keep the movement of doors flawless, rollers must be kept free of defects. The garage door repair Seattle Company has a skilled workforce, which can solve any roller related problems within a short period of time, with dedicated Garage Door Roller Repair services.
Garage Door Accessories RepairFor optimal performance and durability of garage doors, compatibility is a thing that must be considered with great importance. A large number of Garage Door Hardware and Accessories are used in every garage door system. If the hardware is not compatible with each other and with the garage door system, then the respective garage door installation cannot live for long. Incompatibility is very harmful for garage doors durability. That is why, technicians working at garage door repair Seattle Company never use incompatible parts or accessories while repairing or servicing garage doors.
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