Garage Door Repair FAQs

1.) Q: What are the prices for new garage doors?

A: The prices can vary due to ever-changing demand in the market. There are many factors to consider the prices, which include the size of the door, color, style, material, decorations and etc. Some New garage doors may require frame modification which also changes the price, please contact us today to get accurate pricing.

2.) Q: I want to change out the torsion spring, how do I do this?

A: There are many 'how-to' articles online that provide step-by-step instructions. However, we at Angel Garage Door Repair never recommend that you attempt to replace the torsion springs your self, as this can be a very dangerous repair without proper tools and experience. Please contact a professional repair technician for proper repair and installation service on your garage door torsion springs.

3.) Q: My garage door is a custom size, can you provide doors that are irregular in size?

A: Yes. We have the ability to custom cut a proper size to fit the frame of your garage. Schedule an appointment today for a FREE consultation on your new custom size garage door fitting.

4.) Q: Do garage doors require general maintenance?

A: Yes. As stated in your 'user manual', it is recommended that you perform annual garage door check ups to prevent any major malfunctions. We provide '25 point' check ups FREE with every service call.

5.) Q: Is it possible to replace a single panel on my sectional garage door?

A: Yes it is. Depending on what manufacturer you currently have, we are able to order the part. Order and Deliver can usually take 24-48 hours after the inspection. Do keep in mind, that not all manufacturer part are available on the current market. Call us today to get more information on sectional panel replacement service.

6.) Q: What is the difference between Insulated door and Non-Insulated garage door?

A: Insulated garage doors are similar to walls in your home, they are installed to prevent heat and cold from entering/escaping from your garage, which can be useful if you live in a cold or arid climate. Non-Insulate doors are usually standard garage doors that are usually used on a budget, or for someone who needs basic storage/protection for your home.

7.) Q: What type of springs do I have?

A: There are 2 types of popular springs on the current market. Torsion springs and Extension springs. Each one is different in functionality. Torsion springs are what the modern garage door uses, and are usually placed on the top center of the garage door. These springs are considered to be safer and last longer compared to the extension springs, as they work together with the torsion system along side of the cables and the opener. Extension springs are usually installed one on each side, although they are 'old but reliable', they can stretch over time and imbalance your garage door.

8.) Q: My door is not balanced properly, what should I do?

A: If you suspect that your garage door is not balanced correctly, there a few steps you can take to make sure before calling a professional for a quote. Start by disengaging the safety release from the garage door opener, make sure the door is fully down, begin raising the door few inches at a time, measuring each lift from the ground. This method will determine if your door is imbalanced.

9.) Q: I'm on a budget, can I keep my old equipment when I purchase a new garage door?

A: In some cases, yes. However some parts of the garage door, such as tracks and hardware will need to be replaced regardless if they are damaged or not. This is because every manufacturer will have it's on fit on the tracks/hardware, which will void the warranty that we offer if old parts are kept. Openers and sensors are universal so they are usually kept as is. For more information, contact us for a FREE consultation.

10.) Q: Can I replace my one-piece garage door for a modern sectional roll-up?

A: Yes. We can replace your one-piece garage door with a sectional roll up door in no problem, in most cases with almost no modifications. Although some garage door frames can be irregular in size, we can simply accommodate your frame by cutting the new door to a precise measurement.

Gate Repair FAQs

1.) Q: What type of gate opener do I need?

A: There are 2 types of openers on the market, Swing Gate and Slide Gate Opener. Each type of opener, has many manufacturers that offer different value and performance. Depending on your budget, and condition of your property, we can help to narrow down your choices. Schedule an appointment to have your property professionally inspected for ground and electrical.

2.) Q: Which gate is better for me, slide or swing?

A: It all starts with a personal preference, as they both serve the same purpose and come with many different styles and accessories. However, do keep in mind, that some properties are unable to accommodate either gate which could be because of obstructions such as large trees, neighbor buildings, rough ground and etc.

3.) Q: Which type of hinges are best?

A: Stainless steel shaft, ball bearings on both sides, closed in by a bronze bushing are the best hinges on the market. Do call us for more information.

4.) Q: What is the difference between Left and Right Slide/Swing gates?

A: The difference is simple, it is the direction which your gate will either slide or swing. Swing gate in most cases will swing open/close into the drive way and installation will be placed on the side that gives most comfort according to your property.

5.) Q: Is it possible to operate my gate without running direct electricity to the opener?

A: Yes it is. The solution to properties that do not have direct power supply to the operator can be placed on a solar powered device. These are very convenient as they do not require any underground construction, and best of all, add no charges to your electric bill.

6.) Q: What material are your gates made out of?

A: Steel, Wood and Vinyl.

7.) Q: Can you mount/attach a new gate on my stone column?

A: We do not recommend this option as the stability of the gate cannot be guaranteed, unless the column has already been re-enforced for gate support. On most cases, we recommend that we install a stand alone steel post, that can later be masked into a column.
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