Things to know about Garage Door Issues


Garage door repair is significant to protect it from damage. As it protects your vehicles & many other valuable assets is it right for you not to take maintenance of the door periodically. Some problems of the garage door may be solved by yourself just following a few instructions but for major problems you are to take help from the technician.

Here are the some common problems with the Garage door which you may face throughout your life. Now we are discussing Garage door repair step by step with problems & solutions:


Garage door not opening or closing easily

Upon the device of your door there remain two special causes for the problem. In this case mounting bracket may be loose & the problem occurs in manually operated door. It may happen for dented, bent, or damaged tracks or there may have blockage to the Garage door tracks. Again, if your door is automatically operated it may happen due to programming errors. Remember, here Keypad might not work properly; hence you have to reprogram it. It may also happen due to frayed wires in the system.


Garage door sticks during opening/closing

It absolutely creates a huge noise while you wish to garage your vehicle during hard days or while you make a rush out of the garage. This problem may happen due to clogged, dirty or misalignment of the tracks. Lubricating the metal rollers & the hinges is another solution for the problem. So, when you are applying the solution make sure which solution is necessary for the problem.


Garage door falls when it released

It’s absolutely dangerous & may cause serious injury if the problem isn’t solved as early as possible. It must remain in position if it works in staying in the right positions. Even, if the gate falls releasing the door, it may happen if the extension springs worn & must be changed immediately.


Squeaking sound during opening or closing the Garage door

The problem may happen due to lack of lubrication.


If the opener of the Garage door fails

Possibly three causes liable to occur the problem: misaligned tracks, wrong functioning of the garage door spring (requires garage door spring repair), too loose or over tight chain. Solutions are different, so be sure which one of the three is liable for the cause. Thus you may conduct Garage door opener repair perfectly.


Garage door Cable repair

If the cable of the Garage door is broken you must measure the last one. Its length may be seven to eight feet long varied upon the size of the door. You must match the cable with the previous cable to avoid malfunctioning of the cable & even you are to replace the spring of the door as it is connected with the system. The same matter is applicable of changing the cable if you wish to change the springs of the Garage door.

Finally, I recommend you as it keeps your property safe; you must not avoid the maintenance procedure of the door periodically. Otherwise, you may face risks, which may bring harm to your most valuable property & lives.