Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

We at Angel Garage Door Repair are specialists. We replace and perform garage door spring repair, from one piece garage door, sectional garage doors, to commercial and industrial properties. We stock pile our supply in a local warehouse to save on the cost for the customer the most frequent repair performed on the garage door.

Current market offers several options when it comes to replacements. Torsion springs, extension springs, commercial grade garage door springs, and torque master garage springs.

Please take a look at the several garage door spring repair services which we provide.

Torsion Garage Door Spring Repair

Torsion springs are the heart of the modern garage door. These springs can be installed single, dual, or quadruple. They usually last anywhere from 10,000-30,000 cycles (open/close = 1 cycle). The difference in the amount of springs will depend on the amount of weight that your garage door has (some insulated garage doors may require the maximum required).

During the installation, the technician will measure the weight of the garage door using industrial scales, than proceed with the winding of the spring to its appropriate tension. This tension will provide support for the garage door opener for an easier opening and closure.

Torsion garage door spring is part of a modern and widely used system that is safe to operate, easy to repair/install, and has a vast market of available parts.

The way the system works is by using a cable/drum/spring system with vertical/horizontal track to counter balance the weight of the garage door.

A torsion bar will be secured to the wall across the top of the garage door. This bar will have a cable drum with a cable attached to each side. One end of the cable will be attached to the drum, while the other end will be attached to the bottom panel. The torsion spring (or multiple) will than be placed on the bar, wound to a proper torque, and secured in place.

Each revolution on the torsion spring will add a specific amount of torque, knowing how much to add is important and should be performed by an experienced professional, as any less or more can be dangerous and cause the spring to either snap or cause the garage door to malfunction, resulting in a poor garage door spring repair service.

Each torsion spring is different in size and quality and needs to be matched up according to the weight of the garage door in-order to perform at an optimum level. This will ensure and prolong the lifespan of the spring and other garage door components, such as the garage door opener, rollers, cables, and tracks.

If one of these springs happens to break, you will notice one of the following scenarios: a loud pop sound, or visible crack and split of the metal. If this is something you are not able to notice, please review the symptoms for a better diagnostic. If any of these are present, then you will need garage door spring repair, or a garage door inspection.


  • Loud pop/bang sound
  • Visible split of the spring
  • Unable to open/close the garage door
  • Garage raises 10″-12″ of the ground
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Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

Extension springs have been the preferred and the go to system in the earlier days of garage door installation and repair. These type of systems included springs on both top sides of the garage door, with safety cables which prevent the spring from injuring a person if the spring decided to snap or slip from the binding.

The extension spring did just as the name states, extend. The tension on the spring would expand when the garage is closed, so when you close the garage, there would be less effort. The system would often be accompanied with a garage door opener for a smoother operation.

This type of system is not as popular now a days, as they have been replaced with the modern torsion spring system, for safety, affordability, efficiency, and availability. However, we still run in to these types during our garage door spring repair services calls.

We can perform a garage door spring repair service on your one piece garage door, however it is recommended that you replace the extension springs with a torsion spring, for a longer lifespan, safety, and long term repair costs.

One-Piece Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

These springs are manufactured for different performance and are wound much more tightly than the sectional garage door springs. There two types of one-piece garage door springs, and its important to know which one belongs on your garage door. Installing wrong size or wrong type will greatly diminish the lifespan on the spring, and potentially cause harm to you or your property.

We have gathered some content for you to better identify the type of system and garage door you have to understand the process for your garage door spring repair needs.

Standard One-Piece Garage Door Spring is installed each side of a garage door that uses rollers to travel on a horizontal track, and operates by extending towards the back of the garage in a horizontal movement. The extension spring functions by fully extending when the garage door is closed.

The top of the spring is usually connected to the lever arm; the bottom of extension spring is connected the bottom of garage door. This tension will provide an easier way to open the garage door with little to no effort, giving less strenuous operation on your garage door opener (if you have one installed) and will require less man strength.

These springs come with different hardware attachments, and vary on the type of garage door your have. Our technician will perform an inspection during your garage door spring repair evaluation, and give you tips and recommendations.

The available spring attachments are:
Open loop Closed loop, Clips, Clips with Holes, Straps, No end.

Holmes One-Piece Garage Door Spring use special hardware that is uniquely distinct from a standard extension spring. It is installed on one-piece garage door that does not operate with a roll-along horizontal track with rollers. The type of spring used for this system is very similar to Standard Spring, but will vary do to the hardware attachments. It usually has an orange/white tag with a specific size.

The simplest way to determine if you have a Holmes One-Piece Spring System is to inspect your garage door and see how your garage door operates. You will NOT have a roller track, instead you will have an arm bracket attached to the wall, which will be attached to the garage, which hold the garage and swings it open/close.

If you find that your Holmes Extension Spring is damaged or broken, then give us a call today, and have one of our experienced technicians perform a garage door spring repair or replacement service.

GALLERY - One Piece Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

Sectional Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

Sectional garage door extension springs are much different than your regular and/or torsion springs, due to the type of system they are installed on, their coil thickness, and the inner diameter which are designed to function and support the weight of your garage door. This weight is distributed evenly through the system using the cable pulley system.

The location of the extension spring on your sectional garage door will be running alongside or on top of the horizontal track, on each side of the garage. One end of the spring will be bound to the end of the horizontal track, while the end that faces the garage will be bound to a pulley.

The pulley system will have a cable, which one end is attached to a stationary S-hook on the top of the garage door track, while the bottom end of the cable will be attached to the lowest section of the garage door with another S-hook.

This system will counter balance the weight of the garage door be providing tension necessary to lift the garage with little to no effort. While the garage door is in the open position, the horizontal track holds all the weight, while the garage door closes, the weight increases incrementally as the panels drop from horizontal to vertical increasing the use of the tension from the spring.

Balance is important, and should be performed by an experienced person.

The available spring ends are:

  • Open looped
  • Double looped
  • Clipped ends


Each spring is specifically design to support different weight and should be professionally installed to prevent any unnecessary damage to the other parts of the garage (rollers, opener, cables, panels, hardware and etc.)

In addition to the system, some manufacturers recommend that the sectional extension spring system is equipped with safety cables. These cables run through the spring it self. In an event where a spring breaks, these garage door safety cables would keep the broken pieces from flying out and causing a potential injury or damage.

If you suspect that your sectional garage door has a broken extension spring and you require garage door spring repair service, than give us a call at (877) 616-7770 today!

GALLERY - Sectional Extension Garage Door Spring Repair

Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair

Your commercial and industrial property is very important to you and us, which is why Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate is one of few companies in the U.S. that services, installs, and replace the commercial garage door spring on your commercial garage door. These types of springs are similar to the torsion system, yet in a very large size.

Typical sizes for commercial springs are:
32”, 44”, 47”, 50”, 53”, 58” and more..!

Industrial/commercial garages are very heavy compared to a residential style, yet sometimes similar in design. Often, you may find the spring located on top of the garage door, and sometimes on the bottom (depending on which spring system is installed, and type of garage door). The spring is under extreme amount of pressure as it is heavily wound for withstanding large amounts of weight and frequent use.

It is never recommended that you use an inexperienced tech to try to perform commercial garage door spring repair service, removal service, or allow the of use the garage door when the commercial size spring has been damaged or shows signs of malfunction.

We recommend that you call a professional for equipment evaluation and recommendation to further prevent any more possible mechanical issues to other components that may happen due to failure of a commercial garage door spring. If you require emergency commercial garage door spring repair we are here to help! Call Today!

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