Solar Gate Opener Installation

Solar Gate Opener Installation

Solar Gate Opener Installation

Solar gate opener installation is one of our new specialties, and part of our Angel Green Energy Solutions services. Whether your slide gate opener, swing gate opener, or other gate opener needs to be solar powered as part of a conscious effort to conserve power, or your property is further away from the electrical main line, than you have come to the right place.

We have put together a list of different brands of solar products for your gate opener that we are able to install, and upgrade.

New Solar Gate Opener Installation

New solar gate opener installation is available at Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate, with the best available manufacturers for all types of gates. There are many components to consider (including the price) when you are looking for a new solar powered gate opener.

The battery type, the solar panel type, the opener type, and the safety features that they offer; also to consider is the compatibility and longevity. Take a look at some of the following brands and types that we have put together for your research results.

Sample Catalogs
liftmastercatalogs LA500PKGU (swing)
liftmastercatalogs LA412PKGU (swing)
liftmastercatalogs LA400PKGU (swing)
liftmastercatalogs CSW24U (swing)
liftmastercatalogs RSW12U (swing)
liftmastercatalogs CSL24U (slide)
liftmastercatalogs RSL12U (slide)
GALLERY - LiftMaster Solar Gate Opener Installation
Consumer Information

Sample Catalogs
dkscatalogs 6005 Actuator (swing)
dkscatalogs 6400 In-Ground (swing)
[youtube v="3xX7H8jncjY" class="ytgatevideo"]
Sample Catalogs
linearcatalogs LRA Res. (swing)
linearcatalogs GPX-SL25 Res. (slide)
GALLERY - Linear Solar Gate Opener Installation
Sample Catalogs
vikingcatalogs K-2 Res. (slide)
vikingcatalogs R-6 Res. (swing)
[youtube v="ge-6zG9Crlo" class="ytgatevideo"] [youtube v="G0jrV7Imf1A" class="ytgatevideo"] [youtube v="RvjFZZRwTEQ" class="ytgatevideo"]
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