Gate Repair

Gate Repair

We perform gate repair and replace all parts on all available gate systems. Our technicians come fully stocked with parts and tools to start the repair and finish the same day, depending on the issue.

We are able to diagnose and propose multiple solutions to any problems that you may be experiencing with your gate.

We work around your budget and time schedule to bring you the best repair service possible. We offer same day service, after hours repairs, and annual discounts.

With over 10+ years of in-field experience, dealing with all Slide Gate, Swing Gate, Overhead Gate, Storefront Gate repair problems; including operators, rollers, sensors, safety loops, intercoms and more. We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for all brands, makes and models.

Give us a call, or fill our repair request form at the top of the page for fast, and reliable gate repair service.

We guarantee all of our work with a 90 day standard warranty. Some parts may include Life Time warranty, but you should contact us for more information.


Commercial GateAll business must stay productive in order to make a profit. We at Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate Repair understand that. That is why we offer Storefront Gate Repair service and Commercial Gate repair service to help you and your business to be safe, secure, and running without slowing down your daily sales volume, while keeping repair costs at a minimum.

Give us a call at (877) 616-7770 to find more information on this service.

Swing Gate Repair

Every property, be it a business or a residential complex, requires some level or security from the unauthorized entry of people and animals. Swing gates are a popular choice when it comes to safety, reliability and functionality to a large drive way, as they use very little horizontal space when compared to slide gates.

If your property drive way lacks the width but is blessed with the length, than the swing gate is the right choice (if you are looking for a new Swing Gate Installation), as it will swing open from the center without taking any more space than the actual width of the drive way, thus giving you the flexibility to still enjoy the safe access with the limited side clearance. The downside to having swing gates is that you must keep a specified distance between the gate and your vehicle when you enter/exit the property for.

These types of gates, whether it’s a slide or a swing, are often motorized and very rarely maintained due to people’s busy schedules and a lack of knowledge in general maintenance. Neglect for maintenance can lead to problems such as rust, wear and tear, cracks and bends, misalignment, motor issues and more. Let’s not forget human error as well, as no one is perfect and sometimes accidents do happen, and when they do, we are here to help. Swing gates do come with various options, such as photo eyes, keypads, remote access, intercom systems, and therefore labeling every swing gate different, so your personal gate issues may vary.

With 24/7 response time, our team of knowledgeable Swing Gate Repair technicians are standing by to help you repair or replace your swing gate. Give us a call or fill out our form for more information on how Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate Repair can help your with your Swing Gate problem.

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Slide Gate Repair

Slide Gates come in various designs and lengths. These types of gates are usually a solid piece, and often manufactured from Steel, Wood, Aluminum, or sometimes Vinyl. They are distinctive gates as they only operate by sliding either left or right direction, depending on the property driveway.

Slide Gates are a great choice for a property that is very limited on entrance area, but does have horizontal range to accommodate the width of the gate. However, these are extreme cases, and should not be used to discourage your decision when it comes to New Gate Installation. Both Slide and Swing Gates can be accommodated on properties that are not lacking either width or length, it than becomes more on aesthetics, functionality, the display of the entrance, and personal preference.

Slide Gates are operated by either hand or a motorized unit, and sit on 2 to 4 wheels depending on the weight and track of the gate. Industrial, more heavy duty gates do use the dual wheels. Motorized gates are often equipped with safety sensors, safety loops, and operated via remote control. These parts are considered moving parts, and they do require annual maintenance or the user will run the risk of failure and breakage of parts that can lead to more serious problems and accidents.

Aside from moving parts, some slide gates are equipped with optional intercom systems, such as; keypads, telecom systems, video cameras, card readers and more. All of these electronic parts do have a life span, and will require replacement parts/maintenance.

If you are having issues with your Slide Gate, do not hesitate to give us a call, and we will send our Slide Gate Repair technician of an evaluation and consultation on repairs.

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Overhead Gate Repair

Unlike the Slide or Swing Gate, Overhead Gates are usually designed to mimic the garage door. They are often installed on underground parking lots, such as apartment buildings, businesses, or storage facilities. These Overhead Gates are considered a great choice for a public access location, as these gates offer great security with minimal privacy. Overhead Gates are very similar to One Piece Garage Doors system when it comes to functionality, however they are different when it comes to parts, as springs, tracks, openers, rollers are often heavy duty and maybe considered to be commercial grade.

Although some Overhead Gates do use similar parts, they may not be the right choice, so it’s best to call a professional when you have any Overhead Gate issues.

These gates are often equipped with safety loops and exit loops for added safety when entering and exiting the property, these loops are embedded into the cement to work in conjunction with the opener to control the safety motion on the overhead gate. They are often manufactured from galvanized steel and to mimic a gate, but can always be customized if needed visual accessories.

Do keep in mind, even though these gates are a very simple design, and most loads is on the spring, roller, and openers, you may still need maintenance on the gate itself and anything that is electronic or motorized, as the weather and human error may cause damage which will drastically reduce the security of the place which you are trying to keep safe.

If any issues or problems occur with your Overhead Gate, give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate Repair a call 24/7 to schedule an appointment with one of our Gate Repair Technicians.

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Storefront Gate Repair

Having an outdoor display for your business products is great way to increase sales by attracting passing by foot traffic. However, your product may also attract unwanted attention from those that wish to harm your valuable assets. This is why the Storefront Gate was invented. It adds a ‘blanket’ of security to the building when it is unattended at night or day. It is a rather simple system, which completely covers the front entrance of the building from one side to the other.

It is virtually impenetrable to the human and animal limbs, which makes it a great security option for your business.

These types of gates do come in many different shapes and designs, and are often manufactured from the same materials, such as steel and aluminum. They often sit on a steel box track, which holds the rollers on which the gate travels when it is pulled by the user while the gate itself expands the accordion like bars, forming a ‘steel net’ around the exposed property.

Even though they are designed to last and withstand heavy abuse, they can still malfunction due to the fact that these gates are moving objects, and they do require general maintenance and some times repairs, do to misuse, weather damage or human error.

The most common issues with these gates are: jammed bars, jammed rollers, debris on track, bent bars and rust. If you have any issues with your Storefront Gate or you are interested in new Storefront Gate Installation, please give us a call 24/7 at (877) 616-7770.

GALLERY - Storefront Gate Repair

Gate Opener

– Swing Gate, Slide Gate, Barrier Gate

Swing Gate Operator
Swing Gate Opener RepairSwing Gate Operators are a popular choice when it comes to new swing gate installations or upgrades. There are many manufacturers in the market today, such as DoorKing, Elite, Ramset, Eagle, Liftmaster just to name a few. Each motor is specifically designed to accommodate the uniqueness of your swing gate, from commercial properties to residential.

Smaller swing gates can be operated by an actuator type swing gate operator. Heavy duty swing gate will usually require a securely bolted down into the concrete by either a post or pad and operated by a swing arm, which is mounted or welded on to the gate.

All Swing Gate Openers are electronic and are controlled by a motherboard/cpu that is located inside the box with the motor itself. There are many parts and accessories when it comes to Swing Gate Openers, which you can learn more on the Gate Opener Repair.

Slide Gate Operator

Slide Gate Opener RepairSlide Gate Operator has a weight limit of operation according to the type of the gate, so its important to know which opener you have or will need. These openers are installed into the ground using concrete and metal plates for stability. Each operator machine has a built in motherboard, cables, sensors and connection inside the box which are the brains of the operation. Most openers are chain operated but some can be a pinion drive.

Limit switches are placed on each end of the slide gate which tells the gate to where to close/open. Safety Loops are also placed as a safety measure for moving vehicles. These motors are mostly DC operated which can come with an optional battery backup systems in case of power failure, including solar panels. As these openers have many moving parts, they will need to be repaired as some time in their lifetime.

If you are experiencing trouble with your Slide Gate opener, or if you require any time of Gate Repair Service, then give us a call at (877) 616-7770.

Barrier Gate Operator

Gate Opener RepairBarrier Gate Openers are ideal for pedestrian/vehicle access check points. They are mostly hydraulic operated with a large spring system. Bolted down into the ground with concrete for stability, they can be switched with ease from left to right operations. They are controlled via internal motherboard system, with sensors, and wiring add-ons such as battery backup system.

The operator is weather proof, from heat to extreme colds including rain and wind.

They are assembled with beam which can be extendable depending on the opening of the driveway. Every opener has an opening speed from 1-8 seconds depending on the brand/make of the opener. Most new barrier gate openers feature a reverse on contact feature which is a safety measure in case of collisions. Most openers have an average 1-2 million cycles before needed repair.

For more information, please visit Gate Opener Repair page or call us at (877) 616-7770 to schedule a gate repair technician evaluation or repair/installation.

Gate Sensor Repair

– Photo Eyes, Safety Loops

Photo Eyes
Gate Sensor RepairPhoto Eyes – These type of sensors are essential parts of the gate operator security, and responsible for prevention of collisions. They are usually installed on each end of the opening, forming an invisible line, if crossed during an opening/closing of the gate it will automatically cause the gate to stop its current operation and prevent any type of collision with the object.

Most are weather proof and generally last 5-8 years. There are many variations of the sensor eyes, as each manufacturer has their own style and functionality, you can call us to find out more information or simply click on Gate Sensor Repair.

Safety Loops

Gate Safety Loop RepairSafety Loops are used by swing, slide and sometimes overhead gates. These loops are installed underground, 3-5 feet before the opening, both on the entrance and exit parts of the gate. They are installed as preventative system to avoid accidents during the gate operational period. These loops are connected through a loop detector which is usually built in to the opener itself.

Although the wires are virtually indestructible once correctly placed in to the ground, they can still be damaged throughout the years by natural events such as earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and human error. Also, independent loop detectors may also become faulty as they are electronic.

Give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate Repair a call for more information about Safety Loop Gate repair and installation.

Gate Tracks Repair

– V-Track, Cantilever Track

Gate Tracks

Gate Track RepairGate V Tracks are used specifically by slide gates. There are a couple of options available when it comes to new installations. The “V Shaped” track which is installed onto the concrete below the gate comes complimentary with the “V-Wheel” and considered the standard everyday type of track; it can also be used inverted depending on the gate.

There are variations of the “V Shaped” track such as rounded shaped, deepened grooves, steel/aluminum materials, which is determined by the purpose, weather and location of the slide gate. These tracks can become damaged overtime as they endure constant pressure from moving vehicles.

The usual problems are; bend tracks, rusted bolts, and loose tracks due to cracked/broken concrete. You can find more information including photos of the tracks in the Gate Track Repair sections, or you can call us at (877) 616-7770 for our gate repair service.

Cantilever Gate Tracks

Cantilever Gate Track RepairCantilever Gate Tracks are a unique system that is installed specifically on the slide gate. It generally comes in a squared shaped metal bar, but can be modified to fit your specific gate. It is designed to accommodate slide gate owners that want an alternative to v-shaped track which is not always the best solution as it does require proper ground work and maintenance overtime.

These tracks are attached to the bottom of the slide gate and are equipped with stationary inner wheels that allow stabilization and proper movement during the slide gate operation.

Gate Wheel Repair

– V-Wheels, Cantilever Wheels

Gate Wheels

Gate Wheel RepairV Shaped Gate Wheels are the main mechanisms that are responsible for smooth operation of your gate. There are many variations of materials that are used to manufacture these wheels; they all depend on the use of your gate, and the surrounding environmental conditions. The most common types are: solid steel, heat treated solid steal, plastic, and iron.

These wheels come in many different sizes to accommodate the weight of the door, including bearing and non bearing options. It’s important to invest in the right wheel to prolong the use of the gate. Our technicians can replace these wheels and provide experienced suggestions during our signature Gate Repair Service.

Cantilever Gate Wheels

Cantilever Gate Wheels RepairCantilever Gate Wheels are a part of another type of system that has been designed to efficiently transport the gate from one end to the other while using no ground tracks. This type of system is best suited for slide gates that may have problems with the ground work, such as constant snow, dirt roads, gravel and etc.

This system is stationary, where the wheels are bundled into a group of 4-8 and stabilized at the end of the slide gate, further, the gate will be equipped with an inner track system which will either be bolted or welded onto the bottom of the gate, these wheels will slide into this track which will balance the gate and allow it to freely move from side to side.

Although they are made to last eventually these systems do require maintenance as dirt, debris, and other particles may built up and cause damage to the wheels and bearings.

Gate Intercom Repair

– Telephone Entry, Access Control, Card Readers

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry System RepairTelephone Entry Systems are an industry standard when it comes to secure entry control. These powerful boxes come in many variations and are manufactured by multiple gate entry system companies, most will have basic features such as: a phone touch keypad, speaker, visual aid for number dialing, and a digital display.

Most entry systems are building out of quality stainless steel to provide long life from everyday use and weather abuse. These sophisticated telephone entry systems work flawlessly together with your personal phone system to provide excellent communication between you and your visitor.

These work great at apartment buildings, commercial buildings, gated communities and more. They are fully programmable to host up to 5000 numbers depending on the unit. More information can be found at the Gate Intercom Repair.

Access Control Repair

Access Control RepairAccess Control Systems have been created to allow a pin-code access to gate/secured properties such as warehouses, residential gated communities, commercial docks, and any property that requires in-out access without a voice approval. These systems will usually feature a basic steel box with a standard programmable telephone keypad that a user must enter a code correctly in order to access.

They are usually installed on a metal post which will run all of your network and telephone cables. There are many manufacturers of the Access Control Systems on the market today, some feature old school manual programming, some are more sophisticated and allow you internet access, programming, and monitor of the activity.

Card Reader Repair

Card Reader RepairCard Readers are essential security devices to prevent unauthorized access to your facility. They are commonly used at industrial buildings, commercial properties, office buildings and general businesses where employees are presented with a personal magnetic access swipe cards for effortless entry to the building.

Card readers are programmable remotely via internet or manually, depending on the manufacturer and model number. These are useful when you wish to grant in-and-out access with little to no supervision.

Gate Hardware Repair

– Hinges and Posts

Gate Hinges Repair

Gate Hinges RepairGate Hinges help the gate to swing in and out openly without any effort. It is important to maintain these hinges with annual lubrication and general inspection, as they can develop rust. There are many different variations of gate hinges on the market, most common are bearing gate hinges, heavy duty pillow back bearing hinges and standard hinges.

Most are designed and ready to be welded right out of the box. Many issues will come up with hinges as they are the connection between the gate and the post; most tension is located on these hinges. Common problems are: bent hinges, rusted hinges, dirty bearings.

We can replace or repair any gate hinge, give us a call to schedule an appointment for gate repair today! (877) 616-7770.

Gate Post Repair

Gate Post RepairGate Posts are used to hold and stabilize the gate. These posts are often set in to the concrete, followed by welding of hinges and other accessories such as gate latches, plates, gate catchers and more. Some posts can be confused for goose necks which are used for installations of keypads and access controls, those are separate from gate posts, but are similar in look and installations.

Posts can be repaired and replaced often including welding, and should always be done by a professional gate repair technician.

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