Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair

There are several automatic gates available in the market.

Most automatic gates are gates which are automated by an electric gate opener which is powered via main electrical block or a solar power unit.

They feature a convenient way to open and close the gate with a wireless remote control, infrared laser motion sensors, and underground weight sensors.

Automatic gates are either:

Swing style (which open/close outward or inward),

Slide style (which slide either direction left/right),

Overhead style (which open/close similar to a garage door),

and Custom style (which can fold/slide/expand/retract etc.).

These types of gates are a great way to add security to your residential or commercial property as they are quick to open/close and last a very long time, while adding a great curb appeal and safety to your belongings.

One thing that we all must know is that general wear and tear, weather, and accidents can cause damage to components, resulting in malfunctioning automatic gate. Parts like the automatic gate opener, swing gate motor, driveway gate wheels, safety beams, electric gate locks, driveway safety loop sensors, solar power units, intercoms, and remote controls are all viable for breakage and can cause operational issues in your automatic gate and would require professional automatic gate repair services.

It is not always the visible issues that may cause your automatic gate problem, many times it is electrical, and may require a gate opener repair service.

It’s best to call our repair technician for an inspection of your automatic gate and gate components. If you wish to get a quality estimate diagnostics or automatic gate repair service, then give us a call today at (877) 616-7770.

Keypad – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Keypad Repair The automatic gate keypad is responsible for all foot and automotive traffic from and to your property. It is part of the security features that your automatic gate may feature; and is highly recommended for all commercial, residential, and industrial properties that have a mild to heavy visitor/resident activity access.

It is a programmable system that provides a code for entry by either automatically opening the slide/swing/overhead/barrier gate, or paging for external help. When the keypad breaks and your residents/guests/employees have no remote access, everything stops causing a congestion.

It is important to have a specialized technician to inspect and diagnose the electrical components of the automatic key pad and perform an automatic gate repair on the components if needed. Inexperienced worker may cause more damage if they do not know what they are dealing with.

Intercom System – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Intercom System Repair The automatic gate intercom system is a two way communication telephone system that is usually used for authorizing secure access. It is often accompanied with automatic gate keypad. This system is installed outside the gate for the visitor to dial/call to inform the owner/security of arrival and grant access to entry.

It is an essential tool to keep your property safe without having live security for screening your visitors. As an automatic gate intercom system is a telephone based system it will require a licensed and experienced technician to perform successful repairs and diagnostics.

Gate Card Reader – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Card Reader Repair The automatic gate card reader is designed to provide automatic access for all people who posses a pre-programmed card. This card is placed on the gate card reader (which is will be installed on the automatic gate), once the card reader reads the card, it will automatic open the swing/swing/overhead or pedestrian gate.

These card readers are important for quick access and to allow authorized traffic in-and-out hassle free. Without a well functioning automatic gate card reader you will be facing many security issues.

It is best to have a specialized gate repair technician to perform automatic gate repair, as many card readers are connected to intercom/keypad systems and require programming/wiring knowledge.

Push Button – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Push Button Repair The automatic gate push button is created for an easy exit for all authorized guests/residents/employees our of your facility. It acts as an external wired remote, when the automatic gate push button is pressed it will temporary open the slide/swing/overhead/pedestrian/barrier gate and allow access for entrance/exit.

This push button is usually installed outdoors on a gate post internally and can become damaged overtime due to weather and human error. This push button system requires proper wiring knowledge and should be handled by a professional.

Photocells Post – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Photocells Post RepairThe automatic gate photocells post is very important for housing the photocells/safety sensors. These sensors are responsible for detecting any moving objects and preventing the swing/slide/overhead/barrier gate closing/opening. Without proper maintenance these posts can deteriorate and cause the sensors to become misaligned, causing malfunction of the automatic/electric gate.

Human error, such as bumping the posts with a car can also cause structural damage and prevent the gate from operating correctly. Our team of professional installers and repairmen can replace or repair the automatic gate photocell post by repairing the concrete, welding the post, or installing a stronger post all together.

Firebox – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Firebox Repair The automatic gate firebox is a system designed for quick access to the property during an emergency situation for your local fire department. Each firebox contains a push button which will allow automatic entrance for the first responders. The firebox is secured by a lock and key system which your local fire department possess a copy of.

It is vital to keep your automatic gate firebox in working state; performing annual diagnostics and maintenance if needed in case of any emergency situations such as fires and medical.

Call Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate Repair for Automatic Gate Repair Services Today!

Chain Drive – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Chain Drive Repair The chain drive is a component of an automatic gate opener, it is designed to efficiently pull the chain which is connected to the slide gate. This component is vital for all automatic slide gate operations, and acts as the central unit for the motor and chain operation. If you fell like your chain may be slacking, moving without any tension or too much tension, than your automatic chain drive may need to be looked at and possibly repaired.

Mechanical Lock – Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Mechanical Lock RepairThe automatic gate mechanical lock is part of the security system for your swing/slide/overhead/pedestrian gate. It is an extra added security for your commercial/industrial and residential property. If your leave your property overnight, or if you need secure access for your pedestrian gate next to your automatic gate, than these locks are crucial for your safety.

Everything that is mechanical and that is exposed to the outdoors will begin to malfunction eventually. Many people may depend on a locksmith but will fail to realize that not all automatic mechanical locks are the same. It is best for have a gate repair technician to come and inspect your faulty mechanical lock.

Some of these locks may be powered by electricity and interconnected with the intercom/keypad access system, making them that much more important for security and safety.

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