Electric Gate Repair

electric gate repair

Electric Gate Repair

Automatic gate repair and electric gate repair are very similar in nature, however electric gate repair is concentrated more on all parts electric like wiring of the gate opener, gate motherboard replacements, electric gate motor timing adjustments, electric gate component diagnosis, electric gate programming, solar panel installations and more.

Electric Gate Components:
Our technicians have electrical background from years of experience and/or trade school training. We make sure that the person who is working on your equipment is trained and proficient in their tasks.

We understand that the market is filled with many makers of gate openers such as Mighty Mule, Craftsman, Eagle, Liftmaster, FAAC, Sentry Safe, USAutomatic, Viking and more; that is why we prepare our supply for faster component repair and replacements. Being prepared is very important for quality of service and repair.

We can also repair and replace solar panel openers for a property which wants to go green or lacks access to electrical. This is a simple system which charges a battery during day time so the battery can stay working through night and day. We have the ability to test the component for proper working conditions.

We can also run cables under your gate for gate opener replacements and new installations, or we can reduce the use of cable with our solar programs.

If you need any type of electrical work done on your property, residential or commercial work, give us a call at Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate today!

Electric Gate Radio Receiver Repair Electric Gate Radio Receiver RepairElectric gate radio receiver is responsible for receiving wireless signals from the remote control and operating a slide/swing/barrier gate opener to close/open and allow access for traffic. These units can be built-in within the opener box and can come with an extension antenna for longer range; sometimes they are installed externally if the opener requires it. The radio receiver is a vital piece for all electric and automatic gate operations, without it it will become frustrating and time consuming to open the gate, making the electric gate useless if no external way is available.
Electric Gate Control Board Repair Electric Gate Control Board RepairThe electric gate control board comes pre-installed within the gate opener and acts as the thinking 'brain' for all gate opener programming and operations. This is the main unit that is responsible for making your electric gate function (it is essentially the motherboard of a computer). If your control board burns out, your gate opener will fail to function, leaving your electric gate in closed/open state. Our company is able to diagnose the issues, order new parts, and have them professionally installed and programmed.
Electric Gate Limit Switch Repair Electric Gate Limit Switch RepairElectric gate limit switch is responsible for telling your gate opener to know when to stop without hitting any objects such as the gate post. It is part of the gate opener and requires a professional to adjust during the installation or maintenance call to maintain safety and longevity of the electric gate motor. All types of electric gate openers have their own type of limit switch and its important to know where it located and how it functions before performing any repairs/replacements.
Electric Gate Magnetic Limit Switch RepairThe electric gate magnetic limit switch repair is usually installed on the electric slide gate and is responsible for telling the slide gate to stop opening when it reached it factory recommended opening length. The magnets counter react each due to the magnetic force, if the negative charged part of the electric motor magnet reaches the positive charged it will signal the opener to refrain from further movement. Safety is very important to all electric gates and the magnetic limit switch is a great way to prevent any problems that may happen during the gate operation.
Electric Gate Exit Safety Reverse Loop Repair Electric Gate Exit Safety Reverse Loop RepairThe electric gate exit safety reverse loops are underground wired weight detection system that is responsible for prevention of electric gate movement when an object is present in an area of access and probability of damage. These sensors are usually installed under concrete or asphalt and designed to detect heavy objects such as cars and trucks. They do have along lifespan, as once they are installed, they are left untouched by the outside world. However, they do break due to shifts in earth such as earthquakes, strong weather such as snow and water. To diagnose and replace the safety reverse loops you will need a licensed and experienced team of gate repair technicians. This operation may require cutting into the concrete and/or digging to find and replace the sensors. Give us a call if your electric gate exit safety reverse loops are in a need of inspection and/or repair today!
Electric Gate Battery Charger Repair Electric Gate Battery Charger RepairIf your electric gate or solar gate is powered via batteries or has a battery back-up system, than it will also have an electric gate battery charger. This battery charger is responsible for keeping the main power or back-up battery charged and ready for when it is needed. If you have fully solar electric gate, than these chargers will be used on a daily basis and would render your electric slide/swing/overhear/pedestrian or barrier gate useless if the charger begins to malfunction. Our team of experienced technicians will diagnose, repair and install a new electric gate battery charger the same day!
Electric Gate Battery Back-up Repair Electric Gate Battery Back-up Repair The electric gate battery back-up system was created to keep your electric slide/swing/overhead/barrier gate operational in case of a power outage. Also, gates that are solar powered and require full electrical support via the battery. These systems are vital components if you wish to have a fully functioning gate. Improper installations, natural disasters, or even rodents can cause problems for all exposed electrical gate battery back-up systems, including underground units. If your battery is no longer holding charge, or your gate is no longer operating, than your may have a malfunctioning battery back-up system and may need to have it repaired or replace. Our team of experienced technicians and run diagnostics and inform you of what the actual problem may be and have it replaced or repaired the same day.
Electric Gate Photocell Sensor Repair Electric Gate Photocell Sensor RepairIf you own an electric gate, chances are that you may have an electric gate photocell sensors. These sensors are designed to keep the gate from closing/opening when an object is present in the closing/opening path of the gate, and prevent any injury/damage to you or your vehicle. The way that these sensors operate are by sending a laser from one side of the gate to the receiver on the other side, if anything breaks the signal, than the gate will automatically stop closing/opening (depending on how it is programmed). Without these sensors you are risking injuries and damage to your private property, which is why we recommend that you call Angel Gate Repair as soon as you notice your electric gate photocell sensors malfunction, or if you want to have your electric gate upgraded.
Electric Gate Alarm Lamp Repair Electric Gate Alarm Lamp RepairThe electric gate alarm lamp is responsible for visually alerting pedestrians and automotive traffic of any incoming gate operations (opening and closing). These alarm lamps are usually installed on large industrial gates, where heavy machinery is being operated and requires alerts for human safety. On occasion, these alarm lamps are installed on residential properties where visibility of any entering/exiting traffic is limited. If your alarm lamp is malfunctioning and no longer produces a signal, than your should call us right away. Our company has all the proper equipment to replace the electric alarm lamp, including high reach ladders.
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