Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair

The main component of an automatic gate is the gate opener, whether it a slide, swing, overhead, solar, or custom gate.

The first sign of a malfunctioning gate which we often find during our Gate Opener Repair service is the gate opener has problems closing/opening.

You may notice that the gate is all of the sudden slowing/speeding up during its otherwise scheduled operation, or the gate may be unresponsive all together.

*Malfunctioning gate opener signs to look out for:

– Loud noises coming from the mechanical opener unit
– Jerking gate movements during open/close operation
– Failure to use remote control
– Failure of to respond to safety sensor signal
– Failure to respond for underground safety loops

*Keep in mind that there are many different gate systems available on the market, and not all may be designed or created equal, meaning that some symptoms may not be the same as mentioned above.

Parts – Gate Opener Repair

Motor failure is very possible as it contains tens of different parts, which are often computerized and controlled via motherboard. Small transistors, gears, screws, sensors, wires, and power blocks are all sensitive to the outside elements such as water. Worn out seals around the opener unit can assist water to penetrate the main components and cause major amount of electrical damage, such as shortages. Water can also cause rust which will eat away the internal and external components of the gate opener, causing slow but extensive need for immediate replacements.

Dust can pollute the finely greased up gears and hinder sensors from properly performing its function.

Animals such as rodents can also chew through the seals and other plastic parts to seek shelter from the outside elements, resulting in a quicker deteriorating life of the automatic gate opener.

There are many causes and reasons as to what can go wrong, and which components break the fastest. But one thing that is certain is that once the gate opener is non operational, you will be prevented from comfortably accessing your property.

Give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate a call if you need gate opener repair service or more information on our electric gate repair.

Remote Control – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Remote Control Repair The gate remote control is the essential tool for operating your slide, swing, overhead, solar, or any electric/automatic gate opener. Without it, you are stuck and render your automatic gate useless. These remotes can last a lifetime, but do require battery replacement once the time comes. Some gate remote control manufacturers may require a special type of battery and assembly/disassembly.

This is where Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate comes in; if you are struggling to repair your gate remote, give us a call. If your remote is not longer operational even after you have replaced the battery, than you need a replacement and programming. We can help you get to the bottom of the problematic gate with our signature Gate Opener Repair Service.

We have multiple brands, from Liftmaster Gate Opener Remote, Ramset Gate Opener Remote, Doorking Gate Opener Remote, Elite Gate Opener Remote, Viking Gate Opener Remote, Linear Gate Opener Remote, All-O-Matic Gate Opener Remote, and many other universal gate remote controls that we can supply and program to make your gate functions like new.

Limit Switch Repair – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Limit Switch RepairGate opener limit switch is designed to tell your gate when it is has reached its ultimate closing and open position. The distance can be adjusted depending on the opening/closing length of the slide/swing gate. These limit switches work by enabling/disabling connection of electrical current to the gate opener in conjunction with the gate logic/mother board.

There are two types of limit switches available of the market, standard electric double cam, and magnetic gate limit switch.

Double cam gate limit switch is adjusted manually to signal the gate opener how much distance the gate will slide/swing before it reaches it limit and seizes operation.

Magnetic gate limit switch is operated by using magnets and receiver pad to tell the gate when its open/close limit has been reached.

These mechanical units are often made out of plastic gears and plastic materials, and subject to wearing out, which results in seizure of operation by safety devices within the mainboard to prevent overheating of the motor.

If your motor stopped working and makes a clicking sound, you may have faulty gate limit switch. In this case, we can replace them as repair may not be the best economical option.

Safety Loop – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Safety Loop Repair The gate opener safety loop system is an underground sensor that can be implanted into concrete, soft dirt, gravel, asphalt, and many other surfaces. This safety system is implemented for detecting any weight of incoming traffic and prevent the swing gate or slide gate from closing before the vehicle has abandoned the driveway.

It is a crucial system for safety, especially for situations where you get distracted, need to reverse, or have to wait for incoming traffic to pass prior to exiting the proximity of the gate opening/closing distance. Gate opener safety loop like many electrical components has a shelf life and destined for gradual deterioration. The usual lifespan of the gate safety loop is 10-40 years (depending on the quality of the wires).

Our company has the ability to diagnose all faulty loop systems and recommend replacement options to get your safety back on track during our same-day gate opener repair service.

Sensors – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Sensor Repair Gate opener sensors are a great alternatives to slide gates, overhead gates, swing gates, solar gates, and custom automatic gates when the underground safety loop is not an options. The down side of gate opener sensors is that they are often exposed, and prone to damage by moving vehicles, pedestrians, and weather/nature.

The sensors act similar to garage door sensors, where a single/double sensors transmit a laser from one end to the other and form an infrared signal where any interference will automatically send a signal back to the opener, forcing the gate from closing. It is recommended to clean the photo eyes annually (often if you live in heavy dust or seasoned weather).

If you feel that your gate opener sensors are malfunctions and require gate opener repair, give us a call and we will have our technician out to perform an inspection and replacement on the same day!

Motherboard – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Motherboard Repair The gate opener motherboard is the brains and the main control unit that sends/receives all operations from/to all gate opener components such as: gate remote control, gate battery, gate motor, gate safety sensors, gate safety loop system, gate solar panel, gate intercom, gate card readers, and many other custom additions that are available on the market.

We can not stress the importance of the motherboard, as without a functioning board, your opener is obsolete. Our company has many years of experience in the Gate Opener Repair industry. We are able disassemble your gate opener, run diagnostics, order parts, and rebuild your gate opener regardless of the brand (some brand openers may need complete replacement if parts are discontinued).

If you see your gate no longer function, receive/send any electrical signals, you may need your gate opener motherboard inspected and repaired or replaced.

Motor – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Motor Repair The gate motor is the horse that pulls/pulls the gate it self. Whether is a slide chain operated gate opener, swing arm gate, an over head gate unit, or a barrier gate; they all use a mechanical motor. These motors can be electrical or solar powered, and like all electrical components are subject to breakdown at some point.

Improper installation of the opener for gates that are much heavier than manufacturer recommended, improper gate installation, electrical outage/shortage, alongside human error and natural causes can cause the motor to short and completely fry. In this case, you will need to have your opener rebuild. We are able to supply replacement motors which we get directly from the manufacturer.

These type of gate opener repairs can take anywhere from 1-2 months to repair (depending on shipping of parts) and often are left for people who are not in a rush to use their gate.

If your gate motor is broken and you need immediate help, you can refer to our gate opener installation section for new gate opener installation instead.

Battery – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Battery Repair Gate battery can be used for backup power for times when there is no electrical current available due to power outages or electrical interruption due to malfunctioning parts. This battery back up can open/close your gate without having to rely on the electrical mainframe for several days while repairs are being performed, and excellent addition to any electrical/solar gate opener systems.

The battery (Marine deep cycle battery) can also be used exclusively with a solar gate opener system, as the solar opener system specifically relies on the solar charge, which the opener draws its power from. Marine deep cycle batteries have a lifespan of 3 – 5 years, and require maintenance to keep in working condition. Cleaning the connectors from oxidation, replacing loose connectors and hardware, replacing battery housing are some of the repairs that we perform on the gate opener battery.

Of course, if the battery has outrun its life-cycle, we can also recommend several options (depending on your power needs) to replace and program your solar and backup battery opener system.

If you want more information on our Gate Opener Repair Service, give us a call today!

Wires – Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Wire Repair These small components help to have your gate opener function; they are like veins in the body, helping to transport electrical signals throughout the gate opener system. Not all cables are made the same and can deteriorate overtime due to constant weather temperature change. Having faulty wiring can cause more problems to the gate opener motherboard and other electrical components.

If you find your gate opener not working correctly, give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate a call today, and have us inspect your gate opener unit for faulty gate opener wires and potentially save your thousands on replacement of the unit.

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