Green Energy Solutions

Welcome to Angel Green Energy Solutions, a portion of our other extended services which we provide. We recommend these services to all home owners and businesses who are interested in participating in green energy, save money, and decrease consumption of energy in the process. Who are also interested in safety and well being of their close associates and family members. We believe in efficiency and best pricing for all programs relating to the green energy, that is why we participate with all State and Federal tax rebates and cuts for using our services relating to solar and green energy.

Solar Panel Installation
Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate is a progressive company which believes that it is important to provide the option of the best quality and up-to-date products available on the market to our customers. Incorporated to our standard products and services, we offer green solutions to your entire home and commercial property needs, while keeping budget and quality in mind. This means we give the best price and products to all Solar Panel and Solar products, including Solar Gate Operators.

If you require more information about how can solar systems can help your life and your pocket, give us a call. We have all the knowledgeable staff available to dispatch a service estimate tech to view your roof, field, front and back yard, for all possible solutions to your solar system needs.

Artificial Turf
At Angel Green Energy Solutions, we have more than electrical and industrial components, great competitive prices, and rebate programs.. We also want to help you relax and save money.

This service is for those who want to spend a little more time at home relaxing or outdoors in your backyard or front yard grilling, without ever having to trim or maintain your lawn.

What does this mean for me?

This mean that you will save more money while having great curb appeal and comfort.

We provide speedy services that could be performed in just a few days. We have the best selection of artificial lawn and artificial turf to choose from, from any property, any weather element, any application.

Different colors and materials available to fit all budgets. Our experts are quick to measure and begin the reconstruction of your lawn. We can do this to residential housing and commercial, from front and back yard, pool area turf, custom size turf, sporting areas, artificial turf for pets, and more.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for your next artificial turf installation needs!

Double Panel Windows
Part of the green project, we strive to give you the customer the best solutions to saving money while enjoying quality product and adding value to your home.

The double pane windows are a part of a greater solution for long-term energy saving and temperature control.

With insulating double window design accompanied with an insulated gas in between, will provide a perfect seal to any draft, reduce outdoor sound, reduce heat from outdoors, keep cool indoors.

These windows are durable and made to last, some manufacturers offer lifetime warranty*.

To schedule or if you need more information about double pane windows, do not hesitate to call and ask our representatives.

House Insulation
Our services in green energy all connect to one goal, to save your money and use environmentally friendly products for energy reduction. One of those services is the insulation of your home and business.

We do new installations to new construction homes and re-modeling projects. If you are considering building a new property and needing a crew to install the insulation and dry wall, than we are here to help. If you are remodeling and insulation is one thing on your to do list, we can help.

We can install spray foam insulation, batt insulation, blown in insulation, fiberglass, fill attic with insulation, basement insulation, frame insulation, and more!

Doing so can help you save on your energy costs, as air leaks of heat and cold air will be regulated with proper insulation installation specific for your home code regulations. We can also give recommendations for your specific living conditions, including weather and other ways your can save on energy costs.

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos has been known to be used through the 1960-2000’s in many houses and commercial industrial properties. It most common in the residential areas uses have been in the drywall, ceiling, paint, and tile.

This chemical is very dangerous and is no longer in use in the construction business. It’s been known to cause numerous cancers which can lead to death. This chemical is something every handy man and professional checks for before doing any drilling through the dry wall.

Most buildings made before the 2000’s have some sort of asbestos objects within its premises. It’s important for health reasons to remove them and replace with something environmentally safe for all.

We have the ability to check for this, and remove it, replace it, and get you back to work or living in a very short time. Give us a call if you need more information on your Asbestos Removal Service.

HVAC Services
Angel Green Energy Solutions provides additional services to complete the package toward saving money and being efficient. We maintain, install, and repair all HVAC Systems, from residential AC unit repair, to Commercial HVAC System Installations.

We will make sure that the system you are installing has the best possible energy saving rating, with the most cost efficient package possible. With the best possible temperature control and the combination of double pane windows, you can be saving over $3000* a year!

The health of your occupants is very important, keeping air quality through proper filtration helps with keeping levels of Co2 to a minimum, giving a healthier and cleaner environment to live or work in. We can help by cleaning your duct, changing ac filters, cleaning ac vents, cleaning ac grilles and registers, diffusers, and more!

Up keeping your AC system is important and can often be neglected, the air that it pumps can be dusty and invisible to the naked eye. If you are sneezing or having to often dust your home, than maybe your duct need cleaning, or a better filtration system.

Give Angel Green Energy Solutions a call about this service, or to schedule an inspection today!
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