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Eli was out today. He called ahead to see if I was home this AM (rather than do an emergency call tonight). I was, so he came over & spent the time to adjust my door. He’s always friendly and efficient. I truly appreciate his timeliness in coming this AM instead of tonight, and fixing my problem so my wife doesn’t have the door not close or open when I am not home. Thanks again Eli, thanks for following up!

– Carin, Costa Mesa, CA


Mikey did an excellent repairing my garage door. I woke up one morning to find my door completely off balanced turns out one of the spring had broken. Mikey did a great job and only charged me half of what the other guys were quoting me. I also received a great warranty on both the parts and the labor.

– Ronni, Huntington Beach, CA

Vincent 2

I have used this company for over 10 years because of their 24 hr. operator availability and quick response from a nearby location. Repairs have been well done by courteous technicians. Of course, I would always prefer lower prices.

– Vincent, Newport Beach, CA

About Angel Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa

The most vital part of garages is the doors. The modern garages are full of various technical devices and accessories. All of those technologically sophisticated devices are dedicated to the automation of garage doors. The doors of the modern day garages are fully automated and thereby require little manual intervention or efforts for the movement of doors. Besides the automated movement of doors, the overall safety around the garages is ensured by using a number of electronic devices and technology. All of those technology intensive devices have made the garage doors automated and responsive to remote instructions.
However, the use of sophisticated technology in the garge doors has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are huge, you can enjoy extensive comforts, convenience and security .the disadvantages are minor, and you have to face some technical malfunctioning in the automated system of garage door.

However, that minor disadvantages can be minimized by regular maintenance of garage doors and attached devices. The garage door repair Costa Mesa Company has made the job of maintenance very easy. Just call the personnel of that company over phone and within a short period of time, they would reach at the site for servicing. The quality of Residential garage door repair services of this company is really satisfactory.

Services at Angel Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa

Emergency Commercial and Residential Repair

Commercial garages are generally built with a view to facilitate large scale usage. For this reason, the commercial garages are built with durable and high quality materials and accessories. The appearance of garage or beautification is not a central focus here; rather the performance is given priority.
In spite of using durable and high quality parts, if regular maintenance is not done, frequent malfunctioning cannot be avoided. Therefore, regular servicing for the garage doors has to be ensured.

Commercial garage owners can avail the attractive servicing packages that are offered by renowned servicing company named as garage door repair Costa Mesa Company. This company has the capability of making you satisfied with its professional quality Commercial Garage Door Repair works.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs can generate huge power through contracting and stretching. Most of the forces required for garage door operation are derived from the springs. To avail the service of springs over longer span of time, those must be maintained regularly.
Springs are instances/ application of mechanical engineering knowledge. Therefore, only technologically knowledgeable person should operate the maintenance of springs.

The technicians of garage door repair Costa Mesa Company are enriched with mechanical and electrical knowledge. You can get quality Garage Door Spring Repair services from those technicians.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Door opener is critical component in the garage door mechanism. The opener comes with an electric motor inside it. That motor provides additional force and service for the smooth functioning. Often the motors get out of order resulting in suspension of automated door movement.
It is recommended to avail the Garage Door Opener Repair services on a regular interval, to keep the technical difficulties of the door opener away. In this matter, the garage door repair Costa Mesa Company has extensive knowledge and experience. The company provides high quality services with affordable fee.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

The sensors are equipped with technology that can sense the infrared rays. This sensing capability has used very effectively to ensure the safety. You may have noticed that, while shutting down, a moving garage doors get jammed or stuck by an invisible force if any vehicle or creature accidents approaches near or under the garage door. This jamming is essential to avoid fatal injury or destruction.
The sensors act in the background to send necessary signals upon detection of objects under the garage doors.

To sensors are sophisticated and therefore, should be handled by only knowledgeable persons. You can depend on the technicians of garage door repair Costa Mesa Company for proper care of sensors. You will be really amazed at the quality of Garage Door Sensor Repair services that is provided by this company.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Cables are the rope like component used for holding the heavy garage door to the garage structure. Moreover, the cables are used to balance between the movements of two sides of garage doors. If the cables get worn, the possibility of sudden tearing-off increases.
Sudden tearing off of cables is very dangerous and may cause severe injury or even death. For the sake of safety of life and property, no compromise should be made in getting the cables free of defects.

The garage door repair Costa Mesa Company recognizes the safety concern and accordingly delivers quality Garage Door Cable Repair services. The defects on cables cannot remain undiscovered, if the garage door repair Costa Mesa Company is in charge.

Garage Door Panel Repair

The appearance of garages is largely dependent on the panels, as most of the frontal view of garage is covered by the panels. Over course of time, the panels receive a number of dents, scratches and spots on the surface.
To keep the descent appearance intact, panels should be made free of dents and bad looking scratches. The expert technicians of garage door repair Costa Mesa Company have extensive knowledge and expertise for delivering best quality Garage Door Panel Repair services..

Garage Door Off Track Repair

Because of defective rollers and tracks, the doors can get distracted from its regular route. When a garage door gets out of track, the door cannot be shutdown properly. In more serious cases of garage door off tracks problems, the garage doors get totally nonresponsive and non functional.
The less expensive way to avoid this is to hire the technicians of the garage door repair Costa Mesa Company. Those technicians are enriched with technical prowess and therefore, the off tracing problems are handled efficiently by them.

Garage Door Rollers Repair

Defective Rollers are the main culprits behind the noisy movement of garage doors. Due to over use and age, rollers get vulnerable to breakage and rusts. Rollers with such defects cause disturbing noises during the movement of doors.
The best way to avoid such noisy operation is replacing the rollers or eliminating the defects on the rollers. To do that, you can employ the technicians of garage door repair Costa Mesa Company. That company has over 20 years of experience in the servicing industry and has the capability of providing superior Garage Door Roller Repair services.

Garage Door Accessories

The garage door mechanism is attached to a large number of hardware and accessories. The coordination among those accessories is essential for the smooth functioning of garage doors. And the coordination among the parts gets hampered if they are not compatible to each other. Incompatibly results in degraded performance and shortened longevity. Therefore, only compatible Garage Door Hardware and Accessories should be used.
The professional minded technicians of garage door repair Costa Mesa Company can judge the compatibility of accessories. It is recommended to take help of those technicians while deciding on purchase of accessories.
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