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Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Ca

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Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Ca

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Garage Door Repair Los Angeles CA

- Residential and Commercial
Residential Garage Door Repair As a local garage door company to the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas we aim to provide not only the best customer service but, the best garage door repairs & installations. With all things considered when it comes to new new garage door & opener installations, Angel Garage Door has a team of unbeatable professional technicians who dedicate their time in assuring your garage door project for your home is a success from start to finish, therefor all of our customers receive hands on customer service from our entire team.
Angel Garage door repair Los Angeles, CA installs new garage doors, and openers with extended warranties that exceed the garage door industry standards. We can customize any garage door to your liking with several stylish design options for both classic, modern, or contemporary homes, managing to keep the functionality of your garage door to your desire. We also offer a variety of options for your garage door opener such as Smartphone control, Wi-Fi, battery back-up and more! Contact Angel for a free-estimate today!

Commercial Garage Door Repair Here at Angel Garage Door Repair we offer a complete line of commercial garage door and gate systems, with several advanced solutions to meet your needs notably our technicians are skilled in helping you chose the best product for any given project, and most importantly are trained to answer any questions regarding custom doors or opener installations.
Maintaining a functioning garage door for your business is crucial, we carry all the tools, and replacement parts for all types of garage doors in Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Let us tackle your commercial garage door repair, as can end up being a dangerous job due to the door being heavily built. If you would like to learn more about new commercial, roll up, sectional, or storage garage door installations don’t hesitate to give the experts a call, we are standing by and eager to help you with your commercial garage door needs

Garage Door Spring Repair Los Angeles CaOur mechanics are authorities in garage door springs. When customers call us, we arrive to their business or residence within two hours. We give them a detailed analysis. Multiple affordable solutions are suggested. Then our garage door experts repair or replace their faulty springs, and make sure their garage door is working without a hitch.
Fixing broken springs is not a safe DIY project. We don’t recommend you fix it yourself. Fingers can be crushed by tight spring coils. Garage door springs are under tremendous tension and can be very dangerous. Don’t mess around. Always get a professional technician to fix your springs. Your safety might be in jeopardy, otherwise. Garage door springs are one of the most important parts of the entire garage door system. The door itself is held up by the springs, and they support the door’s motion. When springs are damaged they can misaligned the door, the door can fail to open or close completely, it can put stress on the garage door opener, or the entire system can crash.
Garage door springs are diverse. Manufacturers make springs in a variety of sizes, materials, and weights. There are two main types of springs: extension and torsion springs.

Garage Door Opener Repair Los Angeles CA Angel Garage Repair Repair Los Angeles CA pride ourselves on our excellent garage door opener maintenance, repair, and installation services. We provide assistance for both commercial and residential properties. We offer emergency service, as well. Our mechanics are on standby, 24/7. We’re ready to assist you whether it’s the middle of the day or the wee hours of the night.
Our technicians are experts in virtually every type of garage door opener. There are four major classes of garage door openers. Chain drive garage door openers are the most reliable, durable and popular openers on the market. They’re also the most inexpensive. These openers use a chain mechanism to move the door up and down. While the chain machinery makes it one of the loudest openers, it also makes it the most powerful. Chain drives are great for heavy, large doors.
Belt drive garage door openers have a similar construction as the chain drive open, except the these openers use a rubber belt to open and close garage doors. This makes it the quietest and smoothest running garage door opener available. It’s also the priciest.
Screw drive garage door openers uses a steel screw rod to operate the motion of the door. It has less moving parts, and usually requires less upkeep.
The Jackshaft Openers mounts on the wall. It’s ideal for garages with low ceilings. They generally operate on DC power. It’s only compatible with sectional doors that are up to 14 feet high.
Our number one priority is our customers. For that reason, we offer around the clock emergency garage door opener service, our prices are the most inexpensive in the area, and technicians are trained to be experts on virtually every garage door opener on the market.

Garage Door Sensor Repair Los Angeles CA Garage door sensors are an important factor for safety, first and foremost it detects objects below the garage door panels, which prevents the garage door from closing down on objects, people, or even your pets! In addition one sensor sends an infrared beam, while the other sensor receives the beam, should there be an object that interferes with the beam when the garage door is closing the directions is reversed, moreover if your garage door safety sensors fail your remote will not work, and you might see blinking lights on the motor when the remote is pressed. It is extremely important to provide all necessary maintenance for your garage door sensors, if they are not working you may need to be dusted off, and cleaned or the sensors might have been bumped and got misaligned.
There are ways to test your garage door sensors, if you are in need of assistance call Angel Garage Door and we will send out a technician to asses your sensors, and provide you with any necessary repairs!

Garage Door Cable Repair Los Angeles CAOne of the reasons your garage door may stop opening is due to a broken garage door cable when this happens it is very important that you call a garage door professional to assist you with these services as it requires experience, knowledge, and the appropriate tools. Garage door cables alleviate the tension the garage door springs are under, in addition when a garage door cable snaps, there is more tension added to the springs.
Garage door repair Los Angeles, CA offers fast and affordable garage door cable replacement for residential or commercial homes. We understand that garage door cables unwind, or may break at any time and in order to prevent more damage, or even additional repairs due to the springs breaking, because of all the pressure that is put on them when a garage door cable needs repairs, or replacement. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are at your service whenever you need service for your garage door cables. Give us a call today!

Garage Door Off Track Repair Los Angeles CA When your garage door falls off it’s track it makes the garage door unable to be fully shut, it will look crooked, and is dangerous! Common reasons why a garage door comes off it’s track are, it was accidentally was hit by a car, bad rollers, bent track, or broke solid plastic wheels. It is important you seek help from Angel Garage Door Repair we will send a dedicated professional to put your garage door back on its track. It is best to contact a professional immediately as a garage door that has come off it’s track poses a safety hazard, and can potentially cause damage to your vehicle. When your garage door is off its track there’s a four-step approach to asses the needed repairs

  • Evaluate the tracks to make sure they are not damaged, and are properly secured to the wall
  • Examine, and adjust the tracks, and rollers
  • Lubricate the tracks, and keep clean
  • Ensure there are no missing parts, evaluate your system
  • We offer professional off track repair when you need us CALL Angel Garage Door Repair Los Angeles CA Today!

Garage Door Panel Repair Los Angeles CAA common problem homeowners run into are damaged garage door panels either they are backed into with a car, or have accidentally been damaged by other means. Most homeowners looking for garage door repair Los Angeles Ca ask if a replacement panel can be purchased, or will a new garage door need to be purchased?
On the bright side more often your garage door panel can be replaced without replacing the entire door. In order to determine whether a garage door section can be replaced we will need to send out a technician to evaluate the damaged section, and collect the door model information, the section that will need to be replaced, color, and if any collect the serial number. In some situations replacing a garage door panel is not the best option, if you have more than one panel that has been damaged, or your garage door is so old, the manufacturer is no longer making replacement parts it just might be more cost efficient to replace your garage door.
Ultimately long term exposure to sunlight, and weather changes can alter the color of your garage door so it might not be possible to find an exact match to your garage door.
For a consultation on your garage door panels, call Angel Garage Door Repair today!

Garage Door Rollers Repair Los Angeles CAWhen your garage door begins to squeak, and resist attempts in opening or closing it is time to look into replacing your rollers. Worn out rollers can create more problems, and damage to your garage door and it’s components. Lack of maintenance to your garage door rollers can cause you garage door to struggle going up or down. There are different types of garage door rollers which we will explain.

  • Plastic roller-No ball bearing this type of roller comes standard with most garage doors. You can expect to replace these rollers about every 2-3 years.
  • Steel Roller- Ball bearing this type of roller can be lubricated and with proper maintenance you can expect it to last you up to 5 years, or for 5,000-7,000 cycles.
  • Nylon Roller- Ball bearing nylon rollers are designed to be heavy duty in order to prevent wear and tear, also it allows a quiet experience as the roller rolls down the steel track. These are designed to last 10,000-15,000 cycles.

  • If you need service for your garage door rollers call Angel Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ garage door repair santa monica ca

1. What kind of materials are garage doors made of?
Garage doors are made of different materials which are explained below:

  • Wood Garage Doors
  • these doors are preferred due to their appearance rather than durability, wood garage doors contracts, expands, and can crack as the times change, and demands regular maintenance consisting of repaint, & refinish, every few years to keep it in good shape. For more information contact Angel Garage Door Repair Los Angeles CA Today!

  • Steel Garage Doors
  • these doors are much stronger compared to a wood, aluminum, or fiberglass garage doors. Steel doors have a wide variety of design options which range from standard raised panels, to unique carriage style designs, these days steel doors can mimic the look of a wood garage door without the need of regular maintenance.

  • Aluminum Garage Doors
  • Aluminum Doors enjoy the same design advantages as steel doors, wood-grain finish are typical, there are options to where you can have a dent-resistant laminated panels, are rugged and rust-proof. Other more cost efficient options are available call us today for more information

2. How long do garage door springs last?
Torsion springs have a life expectancy of at least 10,000 “cycles”.One cycle consists of one opening as well as one closing of the garage door. However, on rare occasions garage door springs will break in as little as a year. If the proper springs are installed there should not be any reason this would happen. To prolong the life of your garage door springs it is important that they be re-balanced with weather change. Angel Garage Doors uses 2 crucial tests to determine whether your garage door is failing, Call us today before your garage door breaks!

3. How to select the right garage door opener?

Things to consider are size:

  • Construction and type of garage door this is important to determine the size of the motor, and type of drive that would be needed to lift the door.

  • Clearance above as well as the sides of the garage door opening, which helps determine where the garage door opener will be mounted.

  • Living spaces near or above the garage door, which determines the type of drive, and noise the system will make
For more information please call us today.

4. What type of openers are there?
There are three major drives for garage door openers:

  • Chain-drive Openers
  • are the more common and oldest type of garage door openers they are most popular, and cost efficient. One of the common complaints for these type of openers is that they tend to be noisy if the garage door is below a bedroom it is preferred for a quiet type of opener.

  • Screw-drive Openers
  • utilizes a steel-drive screw that engages directly to the motor, this system is maintenance free that does not require additional lubrication and provides the most power, and speed.

  • Belt-Drive Openers
  • are similar to chain-drive openers except they operate with a rubber belt, instead of chain so there is no metal-on-metal contact so they are extremely quiet.

Garage Door Repair Services for Los Angeles

  • Access Devices Los Angeles Ca
  • Aluminum Garage Door Los Angeles Ca
  • Automatic door opener repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Automatic Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Carriage Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Los Angeles Ca
  • Door Light Switch Los Angeles Ca
  • Door Safety Latch Los Angeles Ca
  • Electric Gate Openers Los Angeles Ca
  • Electric Gates Los Angeles Ca
  • Fix Garage Door Panel Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Company Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Contractor Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Extension Springs Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Hardware Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Installation Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Installation Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Lock Handles Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Installation Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Parts Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Remote Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Safety Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Opener Service Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Openers Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Remote Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Repair Parts Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Replacement Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Replacement Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Safety Sensors Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Spring Adjustment Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Spring Installation Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Spring Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Adjust Garage Door Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Springs Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Door Warranty Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Garage Doors Residential Los Angeles Ca
  • Garege Door Out Of Track Los Angeles Ca
  • Gate Remote Controls Los Angeles Ca
  • Gate Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Genie Garage Door Los Angeles Ca
  • Genie Garage Door Opener Los Angeles Ca
  • Genie Operator Los Angeles Ca
  • Glass Gates Los Angeles Ca
  • Iron Gates Los Angeles Ca
  • Lift Master Garage Door Los Angeles Ca
  • Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Los Angeles Ca
  • New Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • New Garage Openers Los Angeles Ca
  • Overhead Garage Door repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Overhead Garage Door Service Los Angeles Ca
  • Overhead Garage Door spring Los Angeles Ca
  • Overhead Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Put Door Back On Track Los Angeles Ca
  • Remote Control Repair Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair Garage Door Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair Garage Door Spring Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair garage openers Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair Garage Springs Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair genie garage door opener Los Angeles Ca
  • Repair liftmaster garage Los Angeles Ca
  • Replace garage doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Replace garage openers Los Angeles Ca
  • Residential Garage Doors Los Angeles Ca
  • Torsion Spring Los Angeles Ca
  • Torsion Spring replacement Los Angeles Ca
  • Universal Garage Door Opener Los Angeles Ca
  • Wood Gates Los Angeles Ca
  • Gate Repair Los Angeles Ca
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