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About – Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica

Angel Garage Door Repair and GateAngel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica specializes in garage door repair and new garage door installations.

Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle many garage door problems including broken springs, worn out rollers and cables, faulty openers, safety issues, and more.

We take pride in our swift yet thorough services that result in your garage door functioning up to its peak performance. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a garage door replacement or upgrade, our team can help you find the perfect option for your needs and budget.

With prompt, professional service and competitive rates, at Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica you can trust that you’re getting the best garage door repair service.

Services – Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica

When a garage door isn’t working properly, it can become extremely disruptive to both homeowners and businesses alike. Whether the problem is related to the opener, springs, tracks or other hardware issues, having access to an emergency repair service that is available 24/7 can quickly give you back a sense of calm and security knowing your home or business will be safe.

At Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica we understand how inconvenient and stressful broken garage doors can be which is why our team of expert technicians are available around-the-clock to provide any necessary repairs!

From fixing jammed sensors and cables to oiling squeaky tracks after installation, if there’s an issue with your door – big or small – we have the knowledge and tools to solve the problem fast so you don’t have to worry about more extensive damage down the line.

Angel Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Spring Repair

There are two main types of garage door springs used in modern garage doors.

These are torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs can be identified by their cylindrical shape and are usually installed above the opening track of the garage door.

Extension springs, which look like thin ropes with hooks on the ends, run along both sides of the garage door tracks.

Both these types of garage door springs are essential for an efficient garage door repair system. The tension in these springs keeps the garage door stable against fluctuating weight loads throughout its use, making garage door spring repair a key aspect of its maintenance.

Regular garage door inspections and service can help locate potential issues quickly, ensuring a safe and reliable garage access system.

Angel Garage Door Opener Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Opener Repair

Having a garage door opener system that works correctly and efficiently is essential for the safety and security of you and your family.

Whether you need garage door opener repair or installation, make sure to hire an experienced professional who understands the complexity these systems require.

They should have the latest tools, proper automobile manufacturer knowledge, and repair procedures necessary to get your garage door opener working properly in no time.

Make sure to do thorough research before hiring so you can find a garage door opener repair technician that is trustworthy and reliable.

For best results, contact Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica for more information.


Angel Garage Door Sensor Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Garage door sensor beams are an important safety feature, protecting you, your family, and your possessions by ensuring the garage door always closes properly.

By using infrared or ultrasound technology to detect when a person, pet, or object is blocking the garage door’s path, garage door sensor beams act as a second layer of protection when opening and closing the garage door.

If something is detected in the garage door’s path, the garage door will immediately reverse regardless if it was opened manually or with a remote control.

Furthermore, garage door professionals can repair garage door sensor beams if they become damaged to ensure continued safety and efficiency in operation.

Angel Garage Door Cable Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Cable Repair

When garage door cables break, it can be disastrous!

Not only will your garage door become stuck and unable to open or close, but it may also pop off the track or come crashing down when force is applied.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having garage door cable failure, then the best option would be to contact Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica immediately. We have all the required tools and expertise to manage garage door cable repair quickly and safely.

In particular, carefully inspecting the components of your garage door’s spring system for damage should be done promptly as these are a central components for proper cable performance.

It is also important to make sure that all repair work is done in compliance with national and local standards for garage doors in terms of weight capacity and frequency of usage.

Angel Garage Door Panel Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Panel Repair

When the garage door panel is bent or damaged, it can be a hassle to get it fixed.

The good news is that garage door panel repair is usually straightforward and relatively inexpensive if done professionally.

Hiring an experienced technician to inspect the garage door panels and make any necessary repairs is the best course of action.

Not only will they have experience in properly repairing garage door panels, they’ll also have access to the right tools and materials required to get your garage door back up and running like new.

It’s worth taking the time to research a garage door technician in your area so that you can be sure you are getting quality work done at an affordable rate.

Angel Garage Door Off Track Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Off Track Repair

Garage doors that have come off their tracks can be an annoying and sometimes dangerous problem.

This problem usually occurs when the garage door is misaligned or not repaired properly.

Maintenance issues such as worn out cables, loose roller brackets, broken springs, and lubrication problems could be the cause of garage doors coming off their tracks.

Poor installation and low-quality garage door parts can also contribute to this issue. It is important to regularly inspect and maintain garage doors in order to avoid garage door track problems.

If your garage door has come off its track, it is best to call a professional repair technician from Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica who can inspect the parts and make sure everything is aligned correctly.

Angel Garage Door Rollers Repair Santa Monica

Garage Door Rollers Repair

Garage door rollers are an important component of garage door systems, helping to provide smooth operation and longevity of the garage door.

If garage door rollers become rusted or damaged, it can cause the garage door to operate roughly, cause undue strain on the garage door motor, and even prevent doors from opening or closing properly, leading to serious safety concerns.

In order to keep all garage doors operating safely and efficiently, proper garage door roller repair and maintenance is essential.

Without garage door roller repair and care, you may find yourself incurring expensive damages and repairs in the future due to an underperforming garage door system.

Angel Garage Door Installation Santa Monica

Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door is no easy task, and if it’s not done correctly, it can cause expensive damages.

That’s why it’s important to hire a professional garage door installation service from Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica.

Not only do we have the right tools and expertise to get the job done right, but specialized services also offer additional benefits like warranties for parts and services so that you are covered in case of any malfunctions down the road.

Additionally, our garage door installation specialists can provide routine maintenance services to help extend your garage door’s lifespan.

Overall, a professional garage door installation service can save time and money while giving you peace of mind that your garage will be properly secured.

Angel Gate Repair Santa Monica

Gate Repair Service in Santa Monica

If you experience problems with your electric gate, it is important to act quickly and contact a gate repair and installation expert from Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica. We can diagnose the problem and explain any necessary repair costs.

If the gate is not responding to buttons and switches, then the operator might need to be replaced and adjustments made to wiring, panels and board connections.

Our gate repair experts can provide guidance on how best to address any further issues that may arise with your gate system.

It is always important to ensure these types of repairs are conducted by a professional so that any potential safety hazards are addressed in a safe and competent way.

Reviews and Testimonials

Excellent work, Eli was willing to send someone out the same day in the evening, because I couldn’t get my car out of the garage. I told him I could wait until the next day. The tech arrived on time the next day (a Saturday, with no extra charge) took a look at our problem and gave his recommendations with total price. I took his advice and in an hour the work was done at a reasonable price.

– Drew, Santa Monica, CA

I called today and Johnny came to our home within the hour. He gave me an estimate over the phone based on my description of the problem. He was professional and fixed the broken door (had a crack down the middle) for the quoted amount.  Angel garage door repair santa monica was very professional and efficient. Highly recommend him.

– Marilynn, Santa Monica, CA

I recently had them replace a garage door opener and I couldn’t be more pleased with their price and service. When Sean the service technician finished installing the opener he spent some time lubricating the existing garage door and tightening the bolts, etc which eliminated every squeak from the probably 20 year old door. Thank you Sean and this company!

– Thomas, Santa Monica, CA

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FAQ – Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica

What to Do When Your Garage Door Breaks Down in an Emergency

We have all experienced a garage door emergency at one time or another. Whether the door won’t open, is stuck closed, or won’t close properly, it can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing what to do in these situations can help you manage the emergency and get your garage door back up and running again quickly.

Safety First!
When experiencing a garage door emergency, make sure to take safety precautions first and foremost. Before attempting any repairs or troubleshooting, disconnect the power source from the wall outlet that powers your garage door opener. This will ensure that anyone working on the door will not be injured by any sudden movements of the garage door itself.

Check for Obstructions
If your garage door cannot open or close properly, check for objects blocking its path of travel such as rocks, sticks, or other debris. If there are any obstructions present, remove them immediately and try opening/closing the garage door again to see if this solves the issue.

It may also be helpful to check both sides of the tracks for any obstructions that could be preventing the smooth movement of your garage door’s rollers along its tracks.

Troubleshoot Your Opener
If there are no obvious obstructions preventing your garage door from operating properly, then it is likely that there is something wrong with your opener itself. A good first step is to try resetting your opener by unplugging it from its power source and plugging it back in after a few seconds. If this does not work, try checking for any loose connections between the opener and its power source in case something came loose during operation.

Additionally, inspect all wires attached to your opener for any signs of damage or fraying that could indicate they need replacing before using again. Lastly, you can check whether anything has gone wrong with your remote control by trying different commands or simply replacing its batteries if necessary.

When experiencing a garage door emergency, taking safety precautions should always come first before attempting any repairs or troubleshooting techniques yourself.

Once you have ensured everyone’s safety in accordance with local guidelines and laws applicable in your area, you can start investigating common issues such as checking for obstructions or troubleshooting your opener until you find a solution that works best for you and gets things back up and running smoothly again soon!

If all else fails however, contact an experienced professional from Angel Garage Door Repair Santa Monica who will be able to help resolve whatever issue you may be facing with ease!

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Santa Monica is a beautiful beach city situated along the Santa Monica Bay in Southern California.

It is noteworthy for its lively pier, stunning cliffside promenade, breathtaking scenic views, and abundance of outdoor activities.

With 8.3 square miles of land that spans from the Pacific Ocean to Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Monica offers a vast array of attractions and activities to explore, making it an ideal destination for visitors.

Whether you want to experience the nightlife, enjoy some shopping and dining opportunities or just spend time at the beach, Santa Monica has something to offer everyone.

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