How To Program Your Garage Door Remote

program garage door openerPicture yourself running a tad bit late for work, you get out of the house try opening your garage door to get your car out, and the garage door does not open. Your stuck, now your gonna definitely be late.  Some garage door services with some knowledge can save you time, and money by doing them yourself. Here are the steps for programming your LiftMaster garage door remote.

Your remote is capable of being programmed to activate and open many devices including: garage door openers, gate motors. commercial garage door openers, & wired-in receivers.

1.First step is locating where the Learn button is on your remote.

  • On your garage door opener: The Learn button is located on the same side from where the antenna hangs from, sometimes you might need to remove the light lens. The button may be in different colors orange, purple, red, green, or yellow with an LED next to it.
  • On your gate opener or commercial door opener: It is located on the logic board or control with a small LED next to it also.
  • MyQ Control Panel: Lift the push bar and find the learn button

2.Press and release the learn button

*For MQ Control Panel, you need to press the learn button twice.

3. Within 30 seconds of pressing the learn button, press and hold the desired button on the remote and hold it for 3 seconds. The LED light will either turn off or the operator lights will blink which indicates that programming was completed successfully.


Remove the cover, depending on your model the cover may need to be removed using a flat head screw driver.

Find the Learn button. Usually this is a small radio button with an LED next to the button.

Press and release the learn button.

Within the 30 seconds of pressing the button, press and hold the desired button on the remote for 3 seconds. Your receiver will click which indicates that programming was successful.

Test the remote, the operator should operate if not repeat steps 3 & 4.