Service Gallery

Thank you for visiting the Service Gallery where you would find many of our recent and previous work. All of our work is professionally done, matches and/or exceeds manufacturer’s recommendations. The garage door and gate parts being used in the photographs and videos may differ from what we install on your property. If you see what you like, please feel free to mention to us during your estimate or over the phone when you schedule.

New Garage Door Installations

The current garage door market is saturated with many different manufactures that feature large amount of styles and designs. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what those styles may look like in real life; even build-a-garage programs will not truly show the what a new garage door may look like. What we have here, is an assembly of many beautiful styles of NEW garage doors on REAL residential/commercial properties, from all popular brands including materials such as Glass, Steel, Wood, and Vinyl. See catalogs of some of these garage doors, visit our Garage Door Installation page.

SERVICE GALLERY - New Garage Door Installations

Garage Door Components Repair

In this gallery you will see some of our garage door repair work that we have performed for REAL customers. All parts and components of the garage door will be shown, from simple broken garage door torsion replacement to roller replacement. This gallery is reference purpose and should help you to find information that could be useful for your DYI project or what to expect during your garage door repair appointment.

SERVICE GALLERY - Garage Door Components Repair

New Gate Installations

There are many styles of gates available on the market today. It can become a little difficult knowing where to start. This gallery of New Gate Installations is designed to give you a starting point for getting an idea of what a certain gate can look like. Of course when it comes to a custom gates, the sky is the limit. We can do just about any combination you can dream of. From contemporary gates with wooden and glass accents, to your basic decorative iron; this gallery is a perfect example of a starting point to show to your technician as to what you may be looking for.

SERVICE GALLERY - New Gate Installations

Gate Component Repair

Gate Repair is something that not many people are very concerned about because of how durable they are made, including the electronics such as the motor, intercoms, solar panels, and safety features. However, when things do go sour its important to know what to expect when your gate requires repairs. We have compiled a collection of different repair jobs that we have performed on all types of gates (Slide Gate, Swing Gate, Over-Head Gate, Barrier Gate, and all other Automatic and Pedestrian).

SERVICE GALLERY - Gate Component Repair #1
SERVICE GALLERY - Gate Component Repair #2
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