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Angel garage door repair logo Garage Door Repair and Gate is open 24/7 for all garage door and gate repair emergency needs. We have been in service for over 30 years, servicing all Commercial and Residential garage doors and gates, in multiple states and cities. We provide FREE estimates on most of our repairs, including exclusive discounts for all of our online visitors. Our company offers a maximum 2-hr response time and is ready when you call. We are available during the weekends, including Sunday for all Garage and Gate repairs, at no additional fees! Our experienced garage door technicians are standing by to help you with any Emergency Service Repair / Installation needs!



(877) 616-7770


GarageAngel Garage Door Repair and Gate is a garage door and gate repair contractor referral service provider owned by AMG (a marketing company). We have been in referral service provider industry for over 30 years, with a track record of thousands of successful transactions. Our customer support team is filled with experienced and educated individuals who specialize in customer care and support. We do our best to pair your specific needs with the proper personnel on our constantly changing ‘fine-tuned’ list. Our research and development team is continuously researching, and learning the market to best provide you the quality service you desire. We take our time to make sure that we are working with some of the best local technicians in your city, who are both certified and insured to perform repairs on your garage door or gate.

Since 1996, AMG has been a top quality service referral provider. Our mission is to provide you direct quality service without the hassle and worry of not knowing what you are purchasing.

We believe that with today’s saturated market, you need a reliable service referral provider company that you can trust. That is why, we take our time to hire and teach our personnel to work directly with the customer when it comes to your needs and desires. We make sure that all of our staff is quality customer service trained and certified. From the initial phone call, to the actual in person interaction, we make sure that we do not stop working until you are fully satisfied.

As the market changes, we believe so should the company and the service technician, that is why our Research and Development team is constantly working to obtain current information and create the most up-to-date referral list which is solely based on our customer feedback and internal research, this way we are always on top when it comes to quality service repairs and installations, including customer support. No one thing stays the same, same goes for AMG.

With many years in development, our company has implemented a system to bring you direct prices, and information to save you time and money by doing the research and screening of the service technicians and their companies before sending them out to your residence or commercial property. We investigate and validate to make sure that all of their paper work is current and meets all of the requirements to perform a worry free and quality garage door and gate repair/installation. We also make sure that the prices that are given to you are true, so you can feel safe when it comes to your budget and the work the your receive.



– 30 Point Inspection
Garage Door ClickerAfter hundreds of thousands of service calls on your garage door, our technicians have developed an expedited inspection service that quickly and professionally diagnoses all of the major parts of your garage door. We perform this 25 Point Inspection every time we arrive to your property, to make sure the longevity and safety for your garage door, here is a breakdown of our signature inspection:

  • 1. Control Panel
  • 2. Remotes
  • 3. Keyless Entry
  • 4. Boom
  • 5. Trolley
  • 6. Safety Eyes
  • 7. Motor
  • 8. Gears
  • 9. Bellwire
  • 10. Safety Reverse
  • 11. Limit Switch
  • 12. Door Balance
  • 13. Springs
  • 14. Rollers
  • 15. Cables
  • 16. Safety Cables
  • 17. Drums
  • 18. Center Bearing
  • 19. End Bearing Plate
  • 20. Pulleys
  • 21. Forks
  • 22. Shaft
  • 23. Hinges
  • 24. Brackets
  • 25. Tracks
  • 26. Hinge Arms
  • 27. Strut / Truss Rod
  • 28. Spring Anchor
  • 29. Bottom Weather Seal
  • 30. Panel Condition

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