Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair

The garage door track is the fundamental system for stabilizing the movement and position of garage door panels and full piece garage doors. The system is a dual ‘L’ shaped metal curved track, which holds the rollers in place, allowing the bounded panels to smoothing move during the open/close operation.

We at Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate have all the necessary equipment to perform garage door track repair, replacement, and new installations. We carry all overhead sizes: 12”, 15”, 20”, and 32”. Special orders can be custom built, or ordered directly from the garage door manufacturer.

Certain situations call for upgrades, such as getting a new vehicle that is larger than standard opening, for this we have a perfect solution, a low headroom/high-lift garage door system which will accommodate safety and comfort for your car/truck and allow quicker and safer access to your home by eliminating excess of ceiling space.

The rollers are held within the tracks, providing support to the weight of the garage door. Everything is connected on a garage door system, balanced and designed to operate without an effort.

When the track is bent or has fallen off the wall, your garage door will stop operating and may cause more harm to other parts such as the springs and the garage door opener.

If you are having problems and require garage door track repair service then give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate a call today! Our skilled technicians will evaluate and precisely measure the interior of your garage door before any recommendations.

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Garage Door Track Repair

A properly functioning garage door is essential for homeowners and businesses. However, issues can arise that prevent the door from operating correctly. One common problem is failure related to the metal tracks that guide the door panels. At ANGEL Garage Door Repair and Gate, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing garage door track issues in.

The tracks that allow your garage door to glide open and close must be in proper alignment and free of obstructions. When the tracks are bent, dented, misaligned, or blocked, the entire door system can malfunction. 

Our experienced technicians are adept at identifying and resolving track problems such as:

  • Impact damage causing bent or dented tracks
  • Misalignment due to improper installation or settling
  • Debris obstructing the track path
  • Worn rollers/hinges leading to binding
  • Loose mounting brackets

Whether a simple track adjustment is needed or a full track replacement is required, ANGEL Garage Door has the high-quality components and expertise to restore smooth, reliable operation.

In cases where track repair cannot sufficiently address extensive damage or an aging system, ANGEL also provides comprehensive garage door replacement services:

New Garage Door Installation (Residential & Commercial) 

We offer a huge selection of innovative garage door designs from trusted brands like Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. Our installation crew will help you pick the perfect fit for your home or workplace – factoring in your budget, architectural style, insulation needs, and operational requirements. Aluminum, steel, wood, insulated, non-insulated…we’ve got options galore. Let us revamp your home’s curb appeal or equip your commercial space with a sleek, modern, high-performance door.

Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair

Those garage door openers may seem simple, but they require just the right components and setup to work seamlessly with your new door model. ANGEL specializes in installing (and repairing) all types of garage door opening systems – belt-driven, chain-driven, screw-driven, and more. We work with cutting-edge smart openers offering features like battery backup, WiFi connectivity, and smartphone control. Or stick with a basic, reliable opener – your choice! Our technicians ensure perfect integration so your door operation is smooth, quiet, and hassle-free.

Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Those potent torsion or extension springs that help make light work of lifting your hefty garage door panels? They have a finite service life before becoming a safety hazard. If yours are exhibiting signs of fatigue like a sluggish door, strange noises, or gaps in the springs, it’s time for a change. ANGEL’s team can quickly and safely swap out your old springs with heavy-duty replacements properly matched to your door’s dimensions and weight. Don’t risk an injury – let us handle this highly technical job.

Weatherstripping & Insulation 

While you’re upgrading your garage door, maximize its thermal efficiency and protection from the elements with top-quality weatherstripping and insulation options from ANGEL. Our weatherstrips seal out drafts, moisture, dust, and critters. Meanwhile, insulation products like polystyrene or polyurethane injections dramatically improve energy efficiency year-round. These upgrades create a cozy indoor workspace or storage area while helping reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Do not allow a broken garage door track or malfunctioning door to compromise your home or business security and convenience. 

Contact the professionals at ANGEL Garage Door Repair and Gate by calling (877) 616-7770. Our prompt, courteous service will have your system functioning safely and properly again in no time.


How do I know if my garage door tracks need repair or replacement?

Well, there are a few telltale signs that those humble metal tracks aren’t doing their job properly. If the door is sticking, grinding or flat-out refusing to budge when you try to open or close it, the first place to look is the tracks. Give them a visual inspection – are they dented, bent out of shape, or saggy? Hearing some unpleasant scraping or rubbing noises is another red flag that those tracks are out of whack and time for some TLC.

Can’t I just force my stuck garage door open if the tracks seem fine?

Forcing or yanking on a garage door that’s hung up is a definite no-no. All you’ll accomplish is bending the door panels or track – making the problem way worse. Instead of taking the caveman approach, call in a professional garage door repair service like ANGEL to diagnose and fix the issue safely. Attempting a DIY fix could result in the heavy door crashing down…not a scenario you want to play out.

My door seems to open just fine, but closing is another story – could bad tracks cause this?

When those tracks aren’t properly aligned on both sides of the doorway, it can allow the door panels to slide easily in one direction but snag on the return trip. Another symptom of poor alignment is gaps between the door panels once it closes. Don’t ignore one-sided operation – get those tracks re-calibrated by an expert before more serious damage occurs.

The tracks look okay but my garage door still isn’t working right. What else could be the issue?

Good question! The tracks may be just one piece of the puzzle. Other potential culprits include broken springs, frayed cables, a failing opener motor, misaligned sensors, or deteriorated weather stripping allowing dust and debris in. An experienced tech will inspect the full system to get to the root of the problem.

How can I prevent garage door track issues from happening again after a repair?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! After any track repair, ask your service provider about simple maintenance tasks like regular cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and inspection. Avoid intentional impact from vehicles, equipment, or deliveries near the door entrance. And if you notice ANY abnormal operation or noises, don’t wait – schedule a tune-up right away before minor issues spiral out of control.

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