Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair

The garage door track is the fundamental system for stabilizing the movement and position of garage door panels and full piece garage doors. The system is a dual ‘L’ shaped metal curved track, which holds the rollers in place, allowing the bounded panels to smoothing move during the open/close operation.

We at Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate have all the necessary equipment to perform garage door track repair, replacement, and new installations. We carry all overhead sizes: 12”, 15”, 20”, and 32”. Special orders can be custom built, or ordered directly from the garage door manufacturer.

Certain situations call for upgrades, such as getting a new vehicle that is larger than standard opening, for this we have a perfect solution, a low headroom/high-lift garage door system which will accommodate safety and comfort for your car/truck and allow quicker and safer access to your home by eliminating excess of ceiling space.

The rollers are held within the tracks, providing support to the weight of the garage door. Everything is connected on a garage door system, balanced and designed to operate without an effort.

When the track is bent or has fallen off the wall, your garage door will stop operating and may cause more harm to other parts such as the springs and the garage door opener.

If you are having problems and require garage door track repair service then give Angel Garage Door Repair and Gate a call today! Our skilled technicians will evaluate and precisely measure the interior of your garage door before any recommendations.

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