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We offer a variety of garage door services from trouble-shooting repairs to maintenance checks to complete replacements.

We repair and replace all parts on the garage door including springs, panels, hardware, opener, and sensors.

Our warehouse and trucks carry all the popular brands to smoothly complete the installation/repair.

We have local uniformed, trained and certified technicians that arrive quickly and on time with fully stocked trucks for quick and ready 24/7 service.

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Garage Door TruckCommercial properties and businesses rely on their garage doors to keep their equipment and products safe. If your roll up door is malfunctioning, this can affect your entire day and can seriously cut in to your profits if left undone.

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Sectional Garage Door Repair

Sectional Garage Door is a modern roll-up garage door style, consisting of sections of 6 to 8 panels that can be easily customized to fit your personal needs. These panels are usually made of metal or composite product such as; wood, vinyl, glass, aluminum or a combination of all.

These panels are connected with hinges to form a 16’x7’ garage door or an 8’x7’ garage door, which comfortably sit on bearing rollers that are connected to a track. This gives the garage door a secure fit and easy manual operation.

It is a convenience to have a sectional garage door compared to a classic single one-piece door, as it reduces the risk of damage to you and your possessions as the door rolls in to the garage as opposed to popping out in front of your property, which sometimes requires 3 to 4 feet of clearance. Also, the stability and durability is increased due to multi-point joint brackets, torsion spring system, roller in tracks and cable/pulley assembly.

This type of door is the efficient choice when it comes to safety and longevity.

There are many components to a sectional garage door such as torsion springs, garage door opener, garage door cables, garage door panels.. You can find more information about these parts further down this page.

If you are interested in new garage door installation, please visit our New Garage Door Installation page for more information.

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One Piece Garage Door Repair

One Piece Garage Door or single panel garage door is the “grand father” of all garage doors. These one piece garage doors are constructed from a single panel (usually wood) and operated manually by hand or by a lifting mechanism in a swinging up and overhead motion inside your garage. Although a little outdated in popularity, these doors can still serve a reasonable and secure purpose to protect your possession from the elements and the lurking eyes of the unwanted public.

These types of doors come in several sizes, including 8”x7” and 16”x7” and are usually selected to fit an elderly style property or due to money constraints. The best part of the One Piece Garage Doors is that they have been out in the market for over 60 years, which makes repair parts and upgrades widely available, and quite affordable.

If you are interested in more information about One Piece Garage Doors, and are looking for a new installations, please do not hesitate to call us at (877) 616-7770, or visit New Garage Door Installation page for more information.

• Price: Least expensive compared to Sectional Garage Doors
• Clearance: Due to its design, front facing object may obstruct the door from opening, or cause damage.
• Use: Easy to manually operate due to its well balanced design.
• Longevity: Structurally weaker when compared to Sectional Garage Doors. May not withstand heavy impact; collapse.
• Design: Large selection of designs, accessories, and parts available
• Security: Large selection of designs, accessories, and parts available
GALLERY - One Piece Garage Door

Roll Up Garage Door Repair

Roll up Garage Door are usually made out of steel and come in many different sizes and shapes. These types of doors are created to be rugged and withstand high winds, dry weather, and day-to-day wear and tear for many years without maintenance. They can be custom made to fit an opening as high as 40’ high or wide (contact us for more information).

As strong as these doors are made to be, they may still require repairs and replacements on their components.

Moving parts such as Axle/Torque tube where the spring is located, chain hoist, rollers and motorized units are the most common issues. If you are having any problems with your Roll up garage door, give us a call, our technician are specialized to service all Roll up garage doors from Commercial Properties to Business/Residential.

If you are looking for a brand new installation or need more information on the style and types of Roll up garage doors that are currently available on the market, please give us a call at (877) 616-7770 or visit the New Garage Door Installation page.

GALLERY - Roll Up Garage Door

Garage Door Spring Repair

– Torsion Springs, Extension Springs Springs are important for lifting your door. Therefore, they are subject to a lot of weight and pressure. This causes springs to lose force or break over time. We can remedy this by adjusting the tension of your springs or by replacing your broken ones with state-of-the art Oil-Dipped Springs.

Torsion Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring RepairStandard Torsion Garage Door Spring RepairGarage Door Torsion Springs are usually paired up and are located on the top middle of the garage door. Some times the garage door may have a single spring. Every garage door has a different system, and a different size and quality garage door torsion spring.

It is NEVER recommended that you attempt to remove or replace the torsion spring. If you do not have the tools or experience, you will run into personal injury. Do not let a simple repair cost you thousands, call us to get more information garage door spring repair today.

Sectional Garage Door Extension Spring

Sectional Garage Door Extension Spring RepairSectional Garage Door Extension Spring Repair – The extension springs are much different than torsion springs. These type of springs have been out in the market for a long time and usually are designed to work independently from one another, which ends up causing wear and tear on your door, as they can become unbalanced.

Overtime these springs will need to be replaced, as they can cause significant damage to your garage door opener if left unattended when they have worn out. They are usually located parallel to your garage door and connected to a roller with cables.

One Piece Garage Door Extension Spring

One Piece Garage Door Extension Spring RepairOne Piece Garage Door Extension Spring Repair – These one piece extension springs are part of the same extension spring family. They will be located on each side of garage door, running vertically. They may have a few different spring end attachments depending on your garage door, most common are; open loop, closed loop, clips, clips with holes, straps, and no end.

They are mostly installed on one piece doors and come in many different sizes and quality.

TorqueMaster Garage Door Spring Repair

TorqueMaster Garage Door Spring RepairTorqueMaster Garage Door Spring Repair – The Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster garage door spring system may look very similar to a standard torsion spring system to an untrained eye, as they both sit horizontally on top of the garage door and look as though it is just a metal bar, however when looking closely to the parts involved you will notice that they are completely different.

The spring is located inside the bar and is very difficult to reach without disassemble of the system. These types of springs are difficult to find as they are not always available in all States and areas, and may not be the best choice for replacement or repair.

The best solution to this problem is to convert it to a standard torsion spring system which is best for future repair and overall reliability.

If you with to learn the difference between all the types of garage door springs, and garage door spring systems, click here for more information : Read MoreRead More

Garage Door Opener Repair

– Chain Drive, Screw Drive, Belt Drive, Jack-Shaft A garage door opener is the mechanical unit that is often located on the ceiling, it provides the convenience of an automatically operated door. Sometimes these units break down due to age, or human miss-use. We have the ability to repair, or replace the unit, using a cost-effective solutions.

There are 4 different types of garage door opener mechanisms on the market today. Please take a look and see which opener is best for you.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener RepairChain Drive Garage Door Opener – Chain drive garage door openers are your basic model of garage door operators. These models are powered by either a 1/2hp or a 3/4hp. These operators have been in the market since day one, and till today are a safe, reliable choice in a garage door opener.

Although the chain drive opener is known for its longevity and reliability, it does have a down side; its noise level. Compared to all of the operators, these are the loudest and are not recommended if you own a two story house where a room is located on top of the garage.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener RepairScrew Drive Garage Door Opener – The screw drive garage door opener is your second best option if you are looking for a quieter solution and maintenance free garage door opener. These type of openers are designed to have less moving components therefore reducing wear and tear. The difference between the chain drive and the screw drive is that it is operated by a large long screw appose to a chain or a belt.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener RepairBelt Drive Garage Door Opener – If you love your garage door and you wish to treat it to a top notch opener, we suggest that you go with a belt drive garage door opener. These are the top of the line openers, which are whisper quiet, with plenty of power to open and close your garage door. They feature a 1/2hp and a 3/4hp engines to handle all sizes and types of garage doors.

These type of openers are a ‘brother’ of the chain drive, so the dependability and longevity is also present with these operators.

Jack Shaft Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener RepairJack-Shaft Garage Door Opener – Jack-Shaft garage door openers have been designed for garage door with a low overhead clearance. They are usually attached on the side of the garage door. Although these type of openers are a great solution to low clearance garage doors, they may not serve the best purpose for a heavy duty garage door.

It is best to consult one of our garage door repair technicians for the best possible garage door opener solution.

It can become very frustrating choosing the right type of garage door opener for your garage door, if you wish to know the details about the current market, click here : Read MoreRead More

Garage Door Cable Repair

– Standard Cables, Heavy Duty Cables Garage Door Cable RepairDue to constant movement, cables are susceptible to coming loose or even breaking. We provide many solutions to these problems such as tightening them and adjusting your drums. We also carry heavy-duty aircraft cables if necessary. Your garage door cables are responsible for correct movement. This object is under constant pressure and use.

Frequent weather changes, debris, and other older garage door components such as drum rollers, may cause the cables to frail and break. This is a very dangerous situation, which can put you and your valuables at risk. It is best to call ANGEL garage door repair so one of our technicians can inspect and repair your cables.

Find out which cables are best suited for your garage door, the differences in the cable systems, and it means to have the right cables for your garage door, click here : Read MoreRead More

Garage Door Roller Repair

– Standard Rollers, Silicone Bearing Rollers Garage Door Roller RepairGarage Door Rollers are essential for operating the up-and-down movement of the garage door. These rollers are attached on each side of the door, which are placed inside the track. Many problems may occur when these rollers are not maintained, or when the track is having issues of being miss-aligned or filled with debris. Rollers may become rusted over time, or become bent because of human error.

It is best to call our garage door repair staff to inspect the rollers, as they are responsible for functionality of the door. There are many types of rollers out in the market; silicone bearing rollers are the best.

Having the proper knowledge about which garage door rollers are suited best for your garage door, can save you in the long run, click here to get scoop on all the styles and variations of garage door rollers : Read MoreRead More

Garage Door Panel Repair

Garage Door Panel RepairGarage Door Panels are the building blocks of the garage door. They come in every shape and size to specifically fit your standard (8’x7 or 16’x7’) or your custom garage door frame. Panels are connected together by joint brackets which are then secured onto the tracks/frame with rollers. These panels can be removed in any case of damage or in need of an upgrade, such as insulation, windows, or paint.

It is often that panels are damaged, as they are exposed to the outer and inner elements. Weather damage can cause panels to peel, bend or become rusted which if left untreated, can cause the door to collapse and cause further unwanted expenses. Human error can also make these panels bend if objects are placed and forgotten during the opening/closing of the door.

Give us a call today if you are in a need of a garage door panel repair or replacement, we will send our technician to your home for a proper evaluation and provide you with the best solution.

There are many variations of Garage Door Panels that are available for your repair, more information and description can be found here : Read MoreRead More

Garage Door Off Track Repair

– Tracks and Hardware Garage Door Off-Track RepairGarage doors may come off of their tracks when they are hit by objects. Other reasons can be earthquakes or just natural wear-and-tear. We can fix damaged tracks and provide other alignment services to return your door back into its original place. There are many different sizes and lengths of garage door tracks. Each one can be effected differently and cause different problems to the garage door.

It is recommended that you preform an annual maintenance on the garage door, as the track is vulnerable to weather damage such as rust and debris build up. This type of problem can lead to broken garage door rollers. If your rollers are problematic, than your garage door will have difficulty sliding up and down, which will in some cases, result your door to fall of it’s track.

If you feel that your garage door track needs replacement or maintenance, do not hesitate to call us today!

There are multiple type of tracks / hardware systems that currently available on the market today. Click here to get more information about them : Read MoreRead More
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