Protection of your Garage from damage is significant enough. Garage Door Repair is part & parcel of maintenance of the door. It can be done periodically or monthly or yearly basis. As it belongs with the safety of our vehicles & many of our precious assets; how is it possible for you to avoid Garage Door Repair periodically?

There are many things to perform with the repairing process of the door. But, for major cases you are highly recommended to take help from the professionals.

Garage Door Repair problems & solutions

  • Excessive noise- during opening or closing the Door- It may not prevent you to access your home but it creates high sound which is harmful for the surrounding environment. Replace the worn out parts & tighten the loose parts of the bolts with the help of a wrench. For fine service you may change the roller of the Garage door.
  • Icy Predicament during winter- It is common during winter that Ice is freezing below the door. It happens when water falls below the rubber of the door & freezes for cold climate. You may melt that icy predicament from the door by using a hair-dryer or by any other thing to melt down those stored ice from the Garage door. If you removed the ice from the garage door clean away precipitation & solve the faulty mechanism not to happen such problems in future.
  • Power problems of the Garage door- If the device isn’t plugged properly, power problem may occur. Be sure that Circuit Breaker & fuse are working properly. Often, the device is plugged with GFCI, if that occurs it will stop working. Hence, remember it during Garage Door Repair.
  • Motor problems of a garage door- The movement of the motor sometimes may be normal but not work properly. It creates sounds while the motor closes. For this you are to move the limit switch. In case of blown motor you will frequently fail to get power to the motor.

Garage door spring repair  

There are two types of springs in a Garage Door. These are the extension spring & Torsion spring. Torsion springs are found at the top of the door. Remember, while you conduct Garage door spring repair make sure that the power is cut off to avoid accident. It is dangerous enough to change the Torsion spring, therefore without having technical knowledge you should take help from a professional. The extension spring is found below the Garage door. Hence, make sure those springs are not broken & if they are broken replace them with a new one which is exactly as the past one with its shape & dimensions.

Garage door opener repair

If you’re the garage door not opens or closes properly for jamming problem you may easily solve the problem with just using a hammer, bolts, screw driver & nuts. For this, if the gear is broken which is made of plastic for its old ages you may replace it by the new one & solve the problem.

Garage Door Cable Repair

For broken cable you are to measure the previous cable, especially its length is 7 to 8 feet long. You must match the cable with the previous one. As the cable is related with the function of the springs you are to remove the springs from the systems during Garage Door Cable Repair.

Finally, you may think Garage Door Repair is something difficult but you have to conduct the maintenance of the door at regular basis to avoid hazards, so that accident may not happen & obviously you will find something funny doing the act.