7081_golden_oak_updated_doorLet’s face it, your garage door has lost its curbside magnetism.  It no longer turns heads.  It’s days of stopping traffic are finito.  What are you going to do?

You might think about replacing it, and getting an entirely new door installed.  But sometimes, like the Johnnie Taylor song says, It’s Cheaper to Keep Her.  Giving your garage door a new coat of paint can help it get its mojo back.

Besides restoring its allure, painting your garage door has other benefits.  Paint can help protect your door from sunlight, bad weather, and dust.

Here are easy steps to paint your garage door.

  • Choose Your Weapons.  Pick your paint.  There’s not much to worry about if your garage door is wooden.  If your garage door is aluminum, however, it will require oil based primer and paint.

Besides the paint, you’ll need the usual suspects for larger paint jobs including latex brushes, a stir stick, sanding sponge, drop cloths, painters tape, rollers, etc.

  • Tape/off.  Cover areas that you want protected with painters tape.  Spread drop cloths under the garage door and across your driveway.
  • Give your Garage Door a Bath.  Wash your garage door, completely.  A simple mild detergent and warm water should do.  Also sand off any old, peeling paint.
  • Check the Weather Channel.  You’ll want to avoid painting in the extreme heat or cold (between 50º and 90º F is preferable).  Make sure to stay out of the direct sunlight and rain.

Paint the Town … Er, Garage Door. To ensure a flat and even look, you might prime your garage door first.  Spread primer over the door surface, especially if you’re changing the door’s color and don’t want the old hue to show through.

Apply your paint evenly with a rollers or brushes.  Light colors may need two coats

Take out the Garbage and the Trash.  After the door dries, toss the painters tape and drop cloths.

And Voila!  Just like that your newly madeover garage door is the talk of the neighborhood again